I finally made it to work this morning after hardly sleeping and then oversleeping the little bit I did. I went in and he was sitting there at the desk, he handed me a box and said that was what needed filed. He said he had someone doing up until about February they got sick and he just been tossing it in the box. Wasn’t even that big of a box but there was a ton of stuff in it. I was thinking file so I took and went through the box pulled out all the big sheets of paper and like stuff first and had piles all around all over the desk and floor. I went to file it then I realized what he was talking about he files everything by month not where it is from or what it is. Just everything that has been paid out or what from that month gets put in a folder. So then I went through each pile and sorted it by month. Still having it in piles made it easier to file it by month because I could put everything a like together and paper clip it then stick it in that folder for the month. Then I had other stuff that I had to get together that didn’t have matches then recipes where they bought stuff at stores, went to eat or whatever that had to be gone through and filed. There was some stuff that just seemed like trash and didn’t really have a place at all. I finally just took the box got another smaller box and tossed all the stuff that didn’t need filed in it to let him go through and pulled everything else and sorted it all by month then went back and sorted it by what it was and filed it. I got it all done. I didn’t think it would take three hours to get it done but it did. I was shocked. But I think just because I had to get it all sorted from the other stuff and sorted all the trash out and tossed it as I was going through it. They just put the bill with all the extra trash that was with it in there and the invoice with the add’s the parts store stapled to it in there. That was 3 months ago that add is no good we don’t need it now, all they need it the paper showing what they bought and how much was spent.

We talked a little not a lot really, he told me he wasn’t worried about what time I came or went, what days I came or anything like that as long as the job got done is all he cared about. He said if I had anything with the kids to do it and take care of them and not worry about it. I have a desk with a computer and everything, he told me use it for whatever I wanted/needed, he said he had the password to get on it but the rest would probably have to be reset. He said he had quick books but had just got rid of it not long ago but if I wanted it instead he could get it back and to just let him know whatever I needed or wanted that would make the job easier or to get the job done he would get it, it wasn’t a problem. I was thinking if you could make this a full time job and not just a few hours a week this would be great or even close to full time would be great. Right now it is only about 10 hours a week probably if that.

I am going to study spreadsheets tonight, I learned them in my office class but it was a fast moving class and I need to touch up on them. My friend asked me if I could do them when she was telling me he needed someone a few hours a week to come up there. I told her I have to study up on them. I guess he wants me to because he was talking about getting quick books if I wanted it. I told him I hadn’t used it and knew some about spread sheets probably just as easy to just study the spread sheets and brush up. He said yeah he thought it was better than the program and things so I am going to do that. I hope that they have other stuff that they need someone to do other than just the filing and spread sheet. Because if that really is all he hasn’t it won’t even be 5 hours a week probably. If I could go through a box of jumbled mess with three months worth of stuff in 3 hours weekly there won’t be hardly anything to file. Not sure what he needs done on the spread sheets but probably not a lot there either once you know what you are doing. I am one just go in get the job done not piss around. Like today I didn’t stop at all why I was there until there was nothing left to do and it was time to go home by then.

I heard him say that he was going out of town for a few days I am wondering if he will need someone in the office then or not. I guess we will see. After tomorrow I am good the kids will all be out of school and I can pick up and drop the kids off at daycare anytime they are open so I can go early if need be. I am supposed to go in Friday I ask him what time he said he didn’t care so I said about 9 he said yes. I have awards with the kid at school tomorrow and supposed to help out there and they get out at 1 so I figure I just go Friday when I can work however long he needs and give me time to study up on the spread sheets.

He was talking about Wanda and Father of the year and how what they did to the kids was wrong and how they are hurting the kids and things. He said what until they find out you are working here I can hear it now. Because him and his wife are the ones that Wanda started a bunch of crap between us back a few years ago. We are just seeing what happen and what was going on. I am sure they are not inacent in it and that they have said somethings. But I am not either and did say some things because of what I was told just like they only know what they were told.


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