{May 24, 2017}   Work Tomorrow

I have to go work at my friends husbands shop tomorrow for a few hours after I drop the kids off at school and daycare. It is already 1 am and I am still wide awake sitting her talking to her about all the shit Wanda has done and did over the year and how she caused so many problems between me and her over the last few years. I still just can’t believe all this happen, in ways it still don’t seem real even though I know it is. Then at the same time I seems to real and mind blowing how people can be.

I am not sure what to expect when I go to the shop to work tomorrow. With all that has went on over the last few years and all that has went on the last few months. And just the way her husband is to start with, but I need the work and I need the money so I am going to go. He has been talking to me off and on the last few months when he was talking to Wanda she don’t know that because we were not talking like we are now or like we did before. He has always tried to talk to me even back when we were all friends and things. But I am not to worried about it because she knows me and knows that I don’t want her old man and he knows that if he don’t want me to out him and Wanda then he better just keep to himself I don’t think it will be bad. Just maybe a little awkward at first because we haven’t all hung out talked been friends in so long. When me and RC were together we all use to hang out a lot and after we split up I hung out with their family. I had known them before RC and they were the ones that help me when we were homeless and she was the one that was there when I had Little Bitty.

I want to be friends again with them, my kids loved their kids we were always together but after everything that has happened, I don’t want to get that close friend wise or anything again. It’s like we can talk you stay over there I stay over here, there be no more than talking no get together s no kids play dates nothing like that. We use to do everything together before. RC’s kids called her husband uncle my Little Guy use to call him Papa. Then all of a sudden they weren’t there no more all over lies I am finding out now. 4 years have passed things are so different. I feel like I need put my kids in a bubble and protect them from everyone I know that isn’t good either. I just don’t know it so hard to know who is just fucking around and who isn’t.


yeah people can be strange sometimes. its hard to know who is real sometimes and who isn’t. i’m sorry it will be awkward but hope work goes ok today. xx

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