{June 6, 2017}   Morning At The Shop

I spent the morning at the shop today since I have to train this week I figured I go today and then again Friday or Thursday depending on how the days go. I got there and there was a few things on my desk to file so I did that an d handed me some work orders to put in one of the files he had pulled. All in all it took maybe 5 minutes to do.  I was there until about 12 or 1. I didn’t ask him what to do the other day he acted like it bothered him when I asked what I should be doing, when I finished stuff. He is sitting two feet away he can see when I am done and knows what he gave me takes no time at all, he went in and out a few times.

I ask him for the password on the computer and was doing something on it for school. Figured he send me home in a little bit if he didn’t have anything for me to do but he didn’t. A few hours went by and he said he had to go outback and pull a truck out that was stuck if I could hang out until he got back. I told him that was fine that I was trying to get some things done that I couldn’t do at home because of the inter net. He knew I was doing personal stuff he don’t care. He told me before use the computer do what you want it isn’t a big deal. He came when he got back and told me I could go I told him I was printing some papers off and things he said that was fine. I finished up and left. I am thinking I tell him once I start working this job I come once a week unless he just wants me to come twice a week or more. Because really he could use someone maybe once a month to come in unless he decides to show me how to do more.

Hopefully he will show me more and I can get two or three after noon’s of work out of it. Because the other job is only part time, even if it was full time I would still keep it to do on the side for the extra money.

{June 6, 2017}   Moving Day

I knew it was coming I just didn’t think it was coming this soon and hoped that something would happen and it wouldn’t but it didn’t. My mom is going to be moving in with me this weekend. She is already driving me crazy. I have a huge back room on the house off the kitchen with an ac, closet and everything in it. She could put her bed dresser and things in there. I could move my stuff to the other side of the room. She don’t want to sleep out there. She wants to put her big bed in the girls room my youngest keep sleeping with me and my oldest and her sleep in there. She complaining it isn’t clean enough to clean up around here and on and on and on.

I thought she was going to pay rent where she is another month and then have to come here. Like I said I was hoping that something would happen she would decide to go somewhere else or be able to stay there some way. I feel so sick just thinking about it. She was going to ask them to stay the month and use her deposit for rent since their are no damages and things. They said they do that sometimes but they told her no today so she has to get her stuff moved by the weekend. I feel like I could puke, I know this is going to be a living hell for all of us and a fight all the time. It is going to be walking on egg shells I don’t want to deal with it. But if I don’t let her come here then she has no where to go. I also know when she comes she has no money or way to go anywhere else until she gets her stuff settled with ssi next year some time.

My sister said she had said something to her about going out of state to a friends house and I was kind of hoping she would do that. She been talking to a friend on the computer that lives close that told her that she could come stay there for a while if she needed or wanted too. I was kind of hoping she would maybe go there for a while. But I don’t think she wants to go stay at his house. She has another friend she could stay with but she don’t want to stay with her because her son is there and been in trouble. I think she thinks she is going to come here and rule the house or push everyone around and it isn’t going to happen. I will tell her to get out and I will file for her to have to move. She can’t leave nothing alone she is always in everyone’s business. She wants to know where your going who with when your going to be back. Wait until she finds out Mr.6 is going to the pool with the daycare she will flip out over that and it will be a fight. I don’t know what to do. My sister won’t help her my brother won’t help her. It’s always dumped on me.

I know everything is going to be much worse with me even if I get my meds figured out I don’t think with her here anything will really help. I just want to cry.

{June 6, 2017}   Start Training

Tomorrow I start my 3 days of training. I hope that I can pick everything they want me to know up in three days, the others all have 4 days. I don’t work weekends so I will not be there Saturday. She gave others different days if they didn’t work a day but she didn’t me. I guess it depends what I have to do, if I don’t get it all I will just tell them I need that extra day next week when I come back in. They should give it to me seeing that everyone else gets it.

I am glad she put me at the other store and not the one I applied at to start with. I think it is going to be a better store than the other. I just put that one because it was where I seen they needed help. I think the people are going to be better to work with at that one as well. There is another lady that is a little older than me that was in the orientation Monday that is going to be there and one or two other people. Not real sure about a couple but not sure what store they are at. I don’t think they are going to be at the one I am. She had people from all over the county there, I guess she holds all interviews at that one store.

I have to get up at 5 am to be there by 7 am. I have to drop the kids off at daycare then go there but it is only 5 minutes or less from the daycare. I figure if I leave my house by 6:15 I should get to work about 15 minutes early. By the time I get to the daycare walk the kids to their classes sign them in then get to work. I want to make sure I am on time and everything. She done made it very clear if you mess up the first few days she would just be getting rid of you and find someone else. Being late, not in uniform, missing, not doing what is asked things like that.

I hope that I can get this to work into full time. I just don’t know how I am going to do this when school starts. Between having to get the kids to school and pick the kids up from school, going to class myself. I have one class in person and 4 online. I have to take 6 next term after this and I should be done.

I hate the visor and the apron we have to wear, at the stores they are wearing black ones. I thought that is what we would get but they are a blue almost like blue jeans but old looking and the visor has a red or yellow strip around it or something. It’s hard to explain they are just really ugly and horrible looking. The apron so long and I am so short it is a mess. I am not a hat person and we have to have our hair all pulled up and back. Not a good look for me at all. But it’s a job and it could be worse is what I keep telling myself.

{June 5, 2017}   Still Not Working

I called Wednesday to get an appointment to get my medication adjusted or changed. They told me that they didn’t have anything for weeks with the one nurse that I see. I told them what it was for even and they still acted as if it was no big deal. I told her I also seen the other doctor and could I get in with him. She looked and said the only thing she had with him was the next morning at 8:30 am. I told her I would take it, I had to get something done right away it had already been a week or more. I had to get the kids up early get them to daycare early and get about 20 miles away to the doctor. I got there about 10 minutes early so I was glad because I woke up a little late.

I sat there an my time came and went, this lady came in about ten minutes past when I was told to be there and said she was supposed to be there at 9 to see the same doctor. Well in about ten more minutes they came and took her back. It wasn’t even 9 yet and I was still in the waiting room. I waited a while longer and finally after 9 they took me to a room. The tech was rude and really getting on my last nerve I woke up really sick and in a bad mood because all I wanted to do was sleep buy drug myself up there and now it is past my time by over 45 minutes. I ended up sitting there until 930 before the doctor came in. He talk to me said to double the medication I am taking and he was adding another to it because I have two different things going on and I needed a different medication because the one only helped with the other not both. I told him I woke up feeling pretty sick the kids all had strep could he check me he said sure and did. He gave me medications for that as well. He spend about 10 or 15 minutes with me wanted to know if I had my thyroid checked and why, then wanted to know if I had blood work lately. I told him no he said to go get it done they needed to check it again since I had not been anywhere to get it taken care of yet. I told him I can’t hardly find a doctor. He said he knows he don’t think the healthcare is right the way they do things and people not being able to see doctors and get help. We talked about kids and different things. He asked if I was seeing the therapist there I told him no I was seeing someone closer to home, he said keep going and to come see him again in a month.

I forgot to pick my medications up before I came home that evening so I waited  to get them. I had the one I been taking so I just started taking two of them until I could get the other. Well I looked up the new one and every where I see says not to take the new one and the one I am on already together there could be major drug interactions. I called the drug store and talked to them there about it and he said no not to do it and that he would not do it. He said to go back and get something else. This was Friday morning, I called the doctors office and talked to the nurse I told her what was wrong that my medication was not working he told me to double it but that I also needed something else I feel I need something else as well but that they said do not take the two together so I need him to change one or both of them and let me know when they called something in for me. Well they never did. Here I sit all weekend still only taking the one and it still isn’t working after doubling it. I would think the way I react to medication and this one on the lower dose that I would feel something doubling it like that all at once and I don’t. I am still sleeping as much as I can and not doing anything. I want to get things done around here I just can’t hold my eyes open to do it. I took the pill early and went to bed early got plenty of sleep but still after no time an hour or two if that I just want to lay down and not get up for hours.

I am going to call them back tomorrow and ask for the office manager because I am not going to be told I have to come back in when I was just there to get this taken care of. I have to start my new job tomorrow and go to the shop and do some stuff this week. I do not have time to come in there. The doctor should know what interacts with each other to a point or check if he don’t so this don’t happen. He had a guy right there following him with a computer doing other stuff he could of had him look it up if he didn’t know. It took me two seconds to find it. I am not going to wait days or weeks to get in or sit there for hours waiting to be seen. I don’t have time for that. That is why I don’t go 99% of the time because you come out with no help and nothing you need.

{June 1, 2017}   Maybe A Job

I applied at McDonald’s a couple weeks ago, when I was filling out the application there was a drop down thing to pick days and shift. One of the shifts said 6 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday and had no weekends listed. That was great worked perfect with daycare other than the 6 am part. I could be there by 630 because daycare does not open until 6. I figured I would apply and talk to them about it if I was called to come in and see if that was something they would or could work with. At this point I will do just about anything. Well I get an email back two Sundays ago saying they do interviews on Mondays between these hours. I emailed back told them what time I could come in the next day if they had an opening and that I was open the following Monday at anytime between those hours just tell me I would be there. Few days later I never heard back I sent another Friday comes around I didn’t hear anything back so I called the lady and left a message. Then I had an email telling me to come in this past Monday the holiday so I said okay and arranged a sitter because daycare was closed.

I was there about 10 minutes early and sat and waited, She called the people that were in front of me then called people that came in after me. Then she is calling someone that never showed up and then ask who I was. I was like nice I’m not even on her list after telling me to come in. First thing she ask was what kinds of jobs had I done in the past and then why I wanted to work there. I told her I was a full time student and that I just wanted a job I could come in do the job and go home not have to worry about things and all that. She then ask what hours I could work the earliest and the latest each day. Never said anything about the shift I applied for. I told her 6 am to 530 pm Monday through Friday. Then she asked about the weekends? I told her I couldn’t do weekends right now and she stopped and said that my application would be skipped over because I can’t work weekends. She said to email her if that changed and she would put it back in for review and maybe I could get something at that time. She then went on to explain the different jobs they offer and things like that and if there was any one I would rather not do or stay away from. I told her no I had no problem doing any of them. She said working in a place like that you get angry customers for whatever reason something wasn’t right they just looking for something to complain about or what. Ask how I would handle that if I would let it mess my day up or if I would take it as them attacking me personally. I said no I try to help them make whatever is wrong right and if I can’t then I will get the boss so they can handle it. She said that was great and what they do. I told her I worked as a cashier before and doing the bail bonds I was very use to dealing with people that were less than happy or friendly. I had no problems with that. She told me some other things but said a few times my application would be sent in but probably not considered.

I was getting ready to leave I asked her what about the shift I applied for and it didn’t ask for weekends and things. She said well it was a 6 to 4 and you can’t come until 630 so that wouldn’t matter. Well it would some because most places do not want you there all those hours in a day and things. But I just said I understood that and was just wondering why they put they have that shift with no weekends for people to put in that they can work if they require you to be able to work weekends. Of course she said she was going to have to look into that and ask if I applied on their site or a different one. I said no I went right to your site and applied and it was listed. She didn’t have an answer. She also said that their top performers get what they want over everyone else. She said that can take weeks or months to get or it could never happen you just never know. So basically if you come in kiss ass and do everyone’s work for them who don’t want to do their work you might get it.  Again if you are giving it to people who are already there that want it then why put it as an option? It makes perfect since to waste their time and the person looking for a jobs time. I was ticked because I had to drive the kids 20 miles to the baby sitter then drive back get them and drive back home for something that I didn’t have a shot at.

I didn’t check my email yesterday I guess, I went to the shop today to work and when I was done I was using the computer to print some things. I had to get something out of my email and I seen one from them. I open it and it says we want to welcome you as a crew member can you come to ordination on Monday at the store where you had your interview and then you will join the team at store number blah blah. I had applied to start with at the store where I interviewed at but when she ask what store I told her that one or the other one. She wanted to know what one was close to my house I told her I was in the middle of both of them I thought so I would take something at either one. She put me at the other one. That is fine, but I am hoping that after I go buy clothes and things that they want me to have and get in there they don’t say well you have to work this or that for a while before you get the shift you want like she said before. I may lose it on them if they do. I made it very clear to her that those were the only open hours I had those were the only days. I am just hoping they ended up with an open spot they couldn’t fill and it worked out for me. I just wish Monday would get here so I can go in and see what is going on.

I am going to work it if it works with my hours. I told them at the shop that as of right now I have it but I don’t know how things are going to work out on Monday but that I still wanted to keep working there as well. I am sure I can fit it in before or after work or if I have a day off during the week. It isn’t a lot but it will be gas for the truck or something extra for the kids. I like to save it take them to Disney once school starts back and it cools down a little bit. I just pray it all works out so that I can do them both. I need to get some papers taken care of I have to go by my old job to do it. I thought about doing that Friday when I have to go back up to the shop since it is right there next door. I am thinking about asking them if they need someone maybe 15 hours a week and asking them at the shop if he could use me 10 to 15. If they both could and would pay me what I am making now I wouldn’t have to take this job I could work between the two of them and make as much or more. I was already planing to ask because I did not think they were going to call me back at all. I think the other office may do it but I just don’t think the shop has enough stuff to even work me 10 hours a week. I am not even sure if this job is full time or part time. I applied for full. I didn’t ask at the interview because she had said I wasn’t going to be called back. I guess we shall see Monday. I here I am again playing the waiting game. I hate playing this game. I think I have go to the shop tomorrow to get some papers I may talk to them and walk next door talk to my old bosses and my friend next to them see if he could use any help 1o to 15 hours a week. I could split 30 or 40 between two or three of them. I know the one don’t like to do paper work he had someone doing it but I don’t know if they are still there or if he has someone else. I could do that for him. Even if I just did a couple 5 to 8 hour days at each one. That would still leave me time to do school on the weekends.

I have to think about things and make a plan talk to them and see what everyone has going on or if any of them would be interested. They may too just to not have to do the paperwork their self. They all three are ran by guys and all have nothing but guys working for them. If not I may go talk to some other shops and things in the area and see if I can get something like that. The shop is pretty flexible I can work everything and then work them in between the others.

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