{June 6, 2017}   Morning At The Shop

I spent the morning at the shop today since I have to train this week I figured I go today and then again Friday or Thursday depending on how the days go. I got there and there was a few things on my desk to file so I did that an d handed me some work orders to put in one of the files he had pulled. All in all it took maybe 5 minutes to do.  I was there until about 12 or 1. I didn’t ask him what to do the other day he acted like it bothered him when I asked what I should be doing, when I finished stuff. He is sitting two feet away he can see when I am done and knows what he gave me takes no time at all, he went in and out a few times.

I ask him for the password on the computer and was doing something on it for school. Figured he send me home in a little bit if he didn’t have anything for me to do but he didn’t. A few hours went by and he said he had to go outback and pull a truck out that was stuck if I could hang out until he got back. I told him that was fine that I was trying to get some things done that I couldn’t do at home because of the inter net. He knew I was doing personal stuff he don’t care. He told me before use the computer do what you want it isn’t a big deal. He came when he got back and told me I could go I told him I was printing some papers off and things he said that was fine. I finished up and left. I am thinking I tell him once I start working this job I come once a week unless he just wants me to come twice a week or more. Because really he could use someone maybe once a month to come in unless he decides to show me how to do more.

Hopefully he will show me more and I can get two or three after noon’s of work out of it. Because the other job is only part time, even if it was full time I would still keep it to do on the side for the extra money.

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