{June 6, 2017}   Moving Day

I knew it was coming I just didn’t think it was coming this soon and hoped that something would happen and it wouldn’t but it didn’t. My mom is going to be moving in with me this weekend. She is already driving me crazy. I have a huge back room on the house off the kitchen with an ac, closet and everything in it. She could put her bed dresser and things in there. I could move my stuff to the other side of the room. She don’t want to sleep out there. She wants to put her big bed in the girls room my youngest keep sleeping with me and my oldest and her sleep in there. She complaining it isn’t clean enough to clean up around here and on and on and on.

I thought she was going to pay rent where she is another month and then have to come here. Like I said I was hoping that something would happen she would decide to go somewhere else or be able to stay there some way. I feel so sick just thinking about it. She was going to ask them to stay the month and use her deposit for rent since their are no damages and things. They said they do that sometimes but they told her no today so she has to get her stuff moved by the weekend. I feel like I could puke, I know this is going to be a living hell for all of us and a fight all the time. It is going to be walking on egg shells I don’t want to deal with it. But if I don’t let her come here then she has no where to go. I also know when she comes she has no money or way to go anywhere else until she gets her stuff settled with ssi next year some time.

My sister said she had said something to her about going out of state to a friends house and I was kind of hoping she would do that. She been talking to a friend on the computer that lives close that told her that she could come stay there for a while if she needed or wanted too. I was kind of hoping she would maybe go there for a while. But I don’t think she wants to go stay at his house. She has another friend she could stay with but she don’t want to stay with her because her son is there and been in trouble. I think she thinks she is going to come here and rule the house or push everyone around and it isn’t going to happen. I will tell her to get out and I will file for her to have to move. She can’t leave nothing alone she is always in everyone’s business. She wants to know where your going who with when your going to be back. Wait until she finds out Mr.6 is going to the pool with the daycare she will flip out over that and it will be a fight. I don’t know what to do. My sister won’t help her my brother won’t help her. It’s always dumped on me.

I know everything is going to be much worse with me even if I get my meds figured out I don’t think with her here anything will really help. I just want to cry.

awww so sorry this is all happening! it sounds like a sticky situation to be in. try to stay strong if you can. easier saidthan done i know though. oxoxo

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