{July 20, 2017}   Settling in My Job

I have been at my new job for about 6 weeks or a little longer. I just got my third pay check and we get them every two weeks. I worked a week I think and didn’t get one. When I first started I hated it, it is probably a understatement really. It was a fight every day not to walk out or explode on this one “manager” I have never seen a place that had so many managers for one room of people at one time. They are tripping over each other and no two know what any one of the others are doing. There was these two that are just on a power trip and the one looks for shit to come tell you about, like your stupid or don’t know. I haven’t had to work with her since about the first week to much and things have gone good, the last few days she has been back and it’s all I can do to not say something to her.

I am in the kitchen and on the grill 98% of the time. It was horrible at first I stood there with sweat pouring off me it was so hot and dealing with the witch on top of it and not knowing what I was doing and trying to keep up and make sure all the food was cooked right and put in the right places. Plus a bunch of us started at the same time and so there was no one really to ask if you had questions and everyone you worked with wanted things done different even though there is supposed to be one way to do them. If you said anything or question anything they tell you no so and so was wrong or this is how you do it, it isn’t the “right” way but this or that is why.

Now I work with mostly guys other than the GM and a few other mangers and they just tell you were to work for the day and let you be unless you have a question or you just really screw something up or do something wrong and even then they talk to you not just bark orders or talk at you. The guys are all pretty nice they all talk and joke around and they are willing to help if you need something or have a question if you you question what they say they explain why they don’t get nasty or act like you shouldn’t ask why. They all help do the harder stuff like lifting the big things or they will come by take my trash if it is getting full and I am to busy to get to it. They don’t question me or watch me like a hawk because they know I know what I am doing if I am not where I am supposed to be there is a reason, I am getting more product, cleaning or helping one of the others if I am not busy and that I don’t push my job off on others or not do it and that I don’t just stand around and try to slide out without doing things. I am always doing something or looking for something to do. The other week I mopped and went to dump the water and one of them guys was doing something where we dump it I stood there and waited until he was done so that I could dump it and put the stuff up. He said wow your waiting to dump it. I said yes I have to put it up and things. He said well thanks most the others go oh your doing that and in there anyway just take care of this when your done and walk off. The trash and other things are the same. They see that I don’t and hardly ever ask for help unless I just can’t do it so they are more willing to help me or take the trash or say they are busy I dump it or go get this or that if I need it. They don’t do it for the others there if it isn’t a manager and even a lot of them they don’t unless they tell or ask them too. They don’t offer to or just do it.

I applied at the bank but didn’t get called for the second interview so I didn’t get that. I was told I may be going full time at my second job come September. Since I found that out and things have kind of calmed down at work, oh and they fixed the air in the kitchen so we are not dying back there, I am kind of thinking about just sticking it out here until then instead of starting somewhere else for just a few months or less and then leaving to go over there.

My friend told me they are trying to open a hop in Georgia and that if they do they want me to work there full time because he will be going back and forth between here and there and wants someone he can trust here to handle things because he don’t and can’t trust the guys on their own. It isn’t a good idea to leave the guys to work and run the office. I am still going there two days a week, was going on Monday when I had off and then after work a day for a few hours. But they have me on every day now but I am off by 2 once in a while I am there until 3. I just go from there over to the shop and do what needs to be done a couple days a week.

He ask me to come in and work a full day the Friday before the 4th of July and then I was off the Monday before the 4th so I told him I could work half a day because I had somewhere I had to go in the afternoon. He was glad I was able to go in they had went a way to the mountains for the week. He had people coming to pick up cars and they had to pay with cash or check and he wanted me to collect the cash and things.

The next week I was there and a guy came in to make a payment and was telling him he been in the week before and made one. I seen the guy come in and the one guy had come in with him and just wrote something on a paper and gave him. Not in the book or anything. They went back outside. I thought I am pretty sure he made a payment but he didn’t give me any money to put in the drew and I was the only one with a key to it. I thought maybe I was wrong and he was writing something else down for him.

Well the guy was telling the boss he made it and he was telling him he didn’t get it told him he needed to see his receipt and the guy told him he just wrote something out on paper, he told him he would find it and bring it back in and left. I told him the guy was there when he said and what he said happen. I also told him I thought it was odd that K had not given me money to put up when he left. He told me that the bank deposit for the day was $100 short as well and then this guys money. He told me that he been somewhere over the weekend and K had his wallet and he was missing money out of it. He went out and ask him and he swears he called and ask him to borrow it and he told him he could. Boss said he never told him the guy came and never called and ask him to borrow any money. He said I know he didn’t call me because he will never come to me face to face and ask for it or call me he will send me a text and ask me and I do not have any messages from him either. We went over what came in and everything, because I had went to the store too, he told him I must of spent more at the store or something when he ask him about the money he knew was missing. Said I must have forgot to put it back in there. I needed to print some things and there was no paper at the office so I was talking to my friend and I told her after the guys has went to lunch I was going to run pick mine up and some printer paper up and come back. She said that would be fine and then sent me a message and said he told her to tell me to use money I had collected to get the paper. The smallest bill was $20 so I took it and went to the store. I bought the paper and took the change and the receipt for it and put it back in the with the rest of the money. I knew he didn’t care and wasn’t worried about it but I didn’t want anything said like what was being said. I figured he put it with the ones for expenses for the shop as well. But if I didn’t think or bring it wasn’t a big deal. I said I spent x and the one guy came in paid cash and was $10 short said he would get back with you and bring it in so that was about $15 but he already accounted for all that. He said no he got it I know he did and he is going to pay it all back. I am thinking he isn’t going to be there that much longer.

But over all everything is going good with both jobs and I think I am going to stay at McD’s for at least the next month or two until they see if they are going to get this off the ground this time and make a go of it. He was going to do it a while back I guess and the guy that was supposed to do it with him and work in the one why he went back and forth backed out. Now he is looking at doing it now since he has me there that he can bring on full time and know he don’t have to worry about here when he is up there for a week or two. I can do pay everything, place orders, keep everything updated and handle things that come up. His wife said she could do it but she don’t really want to and has to go out three times a day to pick up and drop kids off plus do things at school and things for and with them. I could still do things for the kids and with them at the school because she would be there to fill in if she needed too and if not the guys could handle it a few hours or a day here and there. We just have to get one we both agree to handle collecting money and not give anyone else access to it other than the three of us and it would be okay. It’s just to much for them to do all the time and all the other stuff he needs done and that goes into being there all the time. If I had to I could even take one of the kids with me if they couldn’t go to school or something and I had to be there or they were off and wanted to come hang out for a while. He is so very easy going and laid back and really don’t care as long as the job is done like he said.

Only thing that sucks right now is the pay at my main job and there really is no hope of a raise until next year I think. But it wouldn’t really matter at this point if I did go somewhere else that paid more because I would’t have a check coming in for a few weeks or more and by the time full checks started rolling in I would be leaving to go over there full time if he does this. I am starting school in a few weeks as well and am going to have to work things around that and then work things around it somewhere else it’s just easier to stay here for now and see what happens. If this falls through he don’t do it then I will start looking for something else anyway. I still look at listings just to see if anything really good comes up that I just can’t pass up but most listings are weeks old and nothing new. If I really great office job came up I couldn’t pass up trying to get it and then if it was really good once I started working and it worked with everything else I have going on I would have then see what he was willing to pay and decide between the two what one to go with. I just hate going from job to job in such a short time even if I am trying to do better for myself.

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