{July 31, 2017}   Time is Flying

I can not tell you where this Summer has went. I feel like we just had the last day of school a couple days ago and it is already time for the kids to go back. I feel bad because I wasn’t able to take the kids and do anything with them. The start back the 16th, the rest of the schools start back the 10th. I hope to maybe get one small fun trip of some kind in with them next weekend.

I am scrabbling to get scholarships done and work and everything else right now. I feel like I went to sleep and woke up three months later and am trying to catch up. I haven’t even been back on here hardly or anything. I am thinking about taking my computer to work with me so that I can write on my break since I don’t eat and sit there most the time. Be perfect time to write and get caught up on here, they have inter net and everything. I think I may do that starting Wednesday. Not a lot but a lot going on here if that makes since.

I really need to get back in to the doctor because I am at the point of sleeping all the time and not being able to hold my eyes open. I am going to call them see where I can fit them in around everything else I have to do this week. I just don’t know. I guess I will see. I am going to go because I am just rambling now. I have some other things to update I am not sure I will get to it tonight but if not maybe tomorrow or the next day I hope.

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