{September 19, 2017}   Reconnecting With Family

One I started a few weeks ago and didn’t get to finish.

My and oldest went to the store late last night to get them things they needed to make lunch today. I laid around all day yesterday and did nothing then made dinner watched a show on tv and then decided to go. I couldn’t believe it was after 10 pm by then, but it felt good to just do nothing for a change with all the running I have been doing. We found water when we fist went in so we gathered what we needed of that and then went to do the rest of our shopping. We ran into my sisters cousin and his little girl. I didn’t really notice who it was and he stopped and back up and I seen who it was. I said hi and we stopped and starter talking, we ended up standing there talking awhile and then he walked around with me and talked why I shopped to get my stuff. I asked him what he had to get he said just ice cream for his little girl that was with him. I said oh yeah you said that. I finished getting my stuff and we got in line he walked out with me and talked some more. He ask me if I was till on facebook I told him yes, he said to message him on there. Later I was sitting there doing my work and things he messaged me, we talked a bit more. He been messaging me off and on today.

It’s odd because we never really talked much all these years hey how are you, how is so and so, good to see you and that is about it. Last night he was telling me all about his ex, his babies mom, his job, some trouble he went through and got into and things. Very out of the norm but I could tell he just seems like he needs someone to talk to, different things he was saying and things. So much he said hit so close to home with things he is going through and ways he is feeling about things. I don’t know it just odd. I told him about Father of the Year and how he walked off cut contact with the kids and things. He was blown away. He didn’t really know him but just that he could or would do that to his kids and things. He looked at my oldest he said come here let me give you a hug, he said you too, he hugged us he said it’s going to be alright y’all will be okay get through it. He told my oldest it is him and his loss. Not to do with her, or her, the kid fault. She said yeah she knew.

He said something about needing support and that his ex didn’t get it when he said he needed support and things. He said he got mad would say he was supposed to be the man of the house he should be supporting them and things. He said but it’s not what I am talking about I work I always work I take care of things. I said you need someone there to be there for you to talk to or whatever not to support you financially. He said YES he said they don’t get it. I said oh I know, I get it, I say the same thing and others don’t get it either. I hear you have the kids, this and that. He said it isn’t the same. I said yes. He said when grandma and grandpa were a live they supported me in anything and everything I did and was there for me. He said I really haven’t had that support since they passed away and sometimes I just need that. I said my dad was for me and since I lost him it’s been hard and even that isn’t the same as when your with someone and having the support from them. He said yes but you had it and it was real, not like now when you have no one at all. I said I understand what your talking about. He said at least someone gets it. I said I think unless you have been there you don’t really get it most people have some kind of help and that gives them that support, but when you are doing it all on your own and your not close with family or friends and don’t have it then you don’t have the support. He said that’s right and I am staying with family but they don’t get it and we aren’t that close.

We talked for a few days off and on and then he drove by my house right before the storm and messaged me wanted to know why my windows were not boarded up? I said because I didn’t get my money until 2 am the day before and wood and things were all gone. That I didn’t have anyone to help me either. He said I probably shouldn’t stay here with it that way. I told him I was probably going somewhere just didn’t know where as of yet. I talk  to him after the storm check see how him and his little girl were and things. We were talking I told him I missed starting my new job because of not having a sitter and things not wanting to leave the kids here with anything on. He said you should of let me know I would of come over and watched them for you, I can’t get to work right now. I told him I may have to take him up on it I would let him know.

It was nice just talking and catching up, I think we will probably stay in contact more than what we have. I am glad he feels I am someone he can talk to. Oh he told me he is going to college too, he is going to do something in the medical field. I was glad to hear it because I know he did hit a ruff patch and got into some trouble but nothing to bad and got turned around.

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