{October 19, 2017}   Ready To Quit

I am so done with this job, it is starting to be more bullshit than the pay is worth. As you all know I have been sitting for over a week and a half now just looking at the wall for the most part doing nothing and can’t. But they will not let me take care of things for school so it will be done and I won’t be worried about it. Well today we are about half way through the day or so  and my lead comes over and says did I tell you what they said they need from you? I said what who needs from me for what? No one has told me anything about anything. She said well the client Blue Cross Blue Shield wants a copy of my divorce decree to show that I changed my name. I said why? I don’t even know where that is. I have my social security card and my drivers license showing my name change that is all I need. Once it is done with those two places it is done it don’t matter why or how it was done. I said and for that matter the state of Florida has already changed it on my state license as well and they didn’t even want that. I just sent them my state id with my name change on it. She said I don’t know it is what they want. I said let me look in the truck see if I have it. I wasn’t giving it to them. I was going to tell them I needed to make a copy and then black everything out and give it to them. It isn’t in my folder with everything. I went back in and went and found the one guy and ask him. He said if that is what they say they need it is what we have to give them. I said well it is none of their business what is in my divorce and things and I packed that it not sure where it is, I have not needed it for over a year. He says can’t you go to the clerk and get one? I said I guess I could but that means I have to take time off and pay for it and everything else. He said oh it don’t matter if you take time off your not on the phone anyway. But it still counts against me when it comes down to it. And I am losing money by not being there and why is it fine for me to take off when it is to benefit them but not when it is for school when they told me that schooling comes first? I am so aggravated with them. Then they go oh your not doing anything go sit with so and so and listen to calls. Well you can only listen to calls so long it don’t matter how many you listen to, until your doing it you still have no clue what you are looking for where. Even the others sitting around me was saying how crazy it is and how they do not need that paperwork and that it is none of their business. One girl said I am a par legal and that is not right or any of their business and they do not need it.  I said yeah I know and told her if they get it, it is all being blacked out. She said I don’t blame you I would do the same thing. She said if it was me I would call them myself and ask them why they needed it and could not use the card and id you have.

I went to leave everyone was like see you tomorrow and everything. I said nope because if I have to take off to do that for them and it is okay then I am going to take care of things I need to do for school as well. I said if I decide to come back you might see me Monday but I haven’t even decided if I will be coming back or not because they just want to much and are making a way bigger deal of this than it needs to be. I really don’t know what I am going to do or if I am going to go back. I hate it before they didn’t care if you worked 3 days or 7 day as long as you had your 40 hours in. Other than that it is the only thing that changed.

Yesterday I had to be part of a call where they were asking everyone how their training was and how they feel about being on the floor. I said it wasn’t really training if you ask me. I said I was here when this place first open and it was a zoo in here. I said last year when you all called to see if I wanted to come back to work I never answered the phone because the year before was so bad. I said this year I thought maybe it would be better you all have been doing it a while but it’s just as bad if not worse. I told them three or 4 times that I am now a week and a half sitting here unable to even log onto the computer and tell what time it is much less anything else. And there seems to be no rush to fix it. No one seems to care that I just sit here day after day unable to do anything and unable to even doing the training, now I am on the floor unable to do anything and to be tossed right on the phone as soon as I am able to with no training. May others were saying the same things. We all said it isn’t the trainer either it is the way it is set up half of the training or what you would think would be part of training is not here, the systems are down you can’t get into it and as we said it takes days or weeks to get back into them. I said this don’t work like this. They say they are going to fix things but I don’t think they will they know how it is. This is a global company they have been doing this stuff for years if they wanted decent training then they could have it. They just don’t want to deal with it.

The one guy told them that we had 48 hours of down time if not more where we just sat and chatted with the people around us. They spend over $30,000 in two weeks just in our pay. You would think that they would want to make sure we knew what we were doing and not having to keep stopping have the costumer wait because we didn’t learn that hold on. I told my friend she was like all my god this is crazy.

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