{October 23, 2017}   A Week Short

I finally received my paycheck in the mail Saturday and it was a week short. I was so mad, I went to work today and my lead tells me that she couldn’t put it in the computer I wasn’t under her and no one else did. I asked her and asked her the last two weeks I sat there if I was being put in the computer she said yes. I said I need my pay and I need it now not in a few days a week or in two weeks when we get checks again. I have my direct deposit information if they can do it that way. All day she has been going back and forth with them over it. It is not there in the morning I am not going back to work. I will call the leave line and stay home, when they call me and ask why I am not there I am going to tell them I do not work for free. The last time they shorted my check I did not get my money until Christmas when it was October they owed me the money. Everyday I went in everyday they say it was going to be fixed going to be fixed. It was not fixed until I went in there and told them I was walking out if it was not fixed. Just like I told them the other day on that training call it was a zoo here no one knew what was going on I thought it would be better here we are two years later but I was wrong. Not just the training but the higher ups and taking care of things are not any better. They do not get things done they pass the buck and blame everyone else. Like I told my lead today they have a lot of people walking around doing a lot of nothing and not enough people doing the jobs that need to be done, like fixing our pay and getting people in the computer and those kinds of things. She didn’t say anything, just told me how she waited months to get her pay fixed as well last year. This is an every year thing with them it seems. I am not going to do it this year I will leave and go somewhere else. I really need to talk to my boss and see if I can work something out with him but I don’t know. He seems to of decided to do something different. I just wish I could find somewhere that would work with me that wasn’t so stressful.

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