{November 20, 2017}   A Nice Time Out

Yesterday I text Sleeping Beauty from the shop and ask what he was up to, how the day was going? I didn’t hear back for a while then he text at said things were going shitty. He had been working and just got home. I asked him if he would like to come over he said yeah he was getting in the shower. He let me know when he got out was ready. I told him I was thinking about taking the kids to dinner, he said okay. I think he thought I wasn’t going to come, I told him he could come if he wanted too. I think he thought I wasn’t going to pick him up since we were going. I talked to the kids about going out and they all wanted something different, I tried to get them all to pick one place they all wanted to go our could agree on but they all still wanted something different and couldn’t decide on one place. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with them fighting or the ones that didn’t get to go where they wanted to pouting. I finally told them they could all have whatever they wanted but I was picking it up bringing it back here and they could eat it here. They were all happy with that idea. I went picked him up he came back here for a little bit why I did somethings. Then jumped in the shower, they were starting to get hungry so I left and went to get what they wanted. One wanted Stake and Shake, one wanted MC Donald’s and the other two agreed to chines. He was like wait what are you doing? Where are you going? I said her for this one over there for that one and then here on the way home for the older two. He said everyone gets something different? I said not normally but sometimes as a treat I will let them. I said it has been a while since we have been out everyone wants something different and this point they are agree it is fine to pick it all up and eat at home so I am good with it. He laughed and ask what I was eating? I said I don’t know I am getting them settled and then decide.

Little Bitty went with us when we left she has this thing about me leaving and thinking I am not coming back now. She been this way since before we had the talk about not having a daddy at home and things. I keep telling her I promise I will come home I will not leave her. We were in line getting the last of the food and she said something, I told her I was talking her and all the food home and going to go out. She got upset I told her I had to go get me something to eat that trying to hurry and get their food because she was so hungry I hadn’t gotten anything yet. He told her that she couldn’t go this time but next time she could go. She told him two he said what we have two hours? I think we could be home in two hours should be time to eat. I said she just says two it could be two hours, two day or two weeks she has no idea yet she just says stuff. He laughed. We got home she was saying something, he told her again to go in be good that she could go next time anywhere that she wanted they all could go. He said want to go to chuckie cheese we can all go there next time. I am shaking my head no because once you tell her something she will ask from now on every time she thinks of it not just him when he she see’s him but me all the time as well. He said what you don’t like there? I said it is fine she don’t know what it is she hasn’t been. He said oh we will fix that. I got them settled with their food and we left.

We went out sat down and had something to eat and talked some. It seemed like it took forever getting something to eat. They waiter despaired and didn’t come back I finally after 30 or 40 minutes maybe more of not seeing him and not having a check I had to ask for one and they still couldn’t find him and someone else finally had to get it. I didn’t talk much mostly just listen to him. And his roommate was blowing up his phone mad about money and things because part of the problem is he is waiting to be paid for a job he help the roommate do months ago and he will not pay him so he just didn’t pay the money he owed for rent this week and told him to take it out of that. He hit the roof and was mad and kept blowing up his phone wanting to know where he was and who he was with everything. I said oh well I don’t care if he knows I have nothing to hide and it is none of anyone’s business. If they say something to me about us being out or whatever I have no problem telling them it is none of their business if and what I feel is theirs I will let them know but not to hold their breath waiting because I do not see anything ever being anything they need to know.

I drove up to the dock where I use to go sit by the water and when we got there it is all fenced off and we couldn’t get to it. I guess from the storm it got damaged and they have to fix it. It went way out in the water and had a bunch of little docks or what off to the sides that you could go out on and sit or fish so everyone wasn’t lined up in the way. We walked around there by the water for a little bit and talked and joked around and then drove around for a while. I finally dropped him off about 10:50. I got a few miles up the road and go pulled over for swerving. The truck is messed up and pulls to that side then I looked down to see something on my phone. I thought it was a cop behind me and was trying to tell and couldn’t then thought it wasn’t but then about the time I decided it wasn’t I was wrong it was. I text him said I got pulled over. He was like really where oh no let me know what happens.

I figured they were going to make me to test and all that to see if I was drunk, the guy walked up I was getting my license out he ask me if I knew why he pulled me over I told him yes. He ask me why I told him I looked down at my phone I was trying to check on my kids see what they needed. He said something else and ask me about my address where I lived he had me off the other direction. I told him he ask me where I was coming from? I told him I dropped him off at his house and was on my way home. He then ask me what was wrong I told him nothing. He wanted to know how much I had, had to drink? I said I haven’t had anything to drink at all. He took my stuff went back to his car and in no time he was back with a paper. I just knew he was going to tell me he was giving me a ticket or had to test me. He said here is a warning now watch the road not your phone and get on your way.

I was going to go to the store but after that I just went home. I was tired too and having a hard time seeing, I didn’t want to get pulled again. It was nice to just get out and relax have someone to talk to go somewhere with other than just shopping or with my friend and her kids or all the kids.

When we were riding around I asked him what he was doing next weekend? He said he was going to go to one of the stores to get a pair of boots but he didn’t know if he was now because of different things. He ask why? I told him the kids wanted to put up their Christmas stuff and that I need that wood put together because I could probably do it but, it wouldn’t be good it was one of them things that I just rather not do because it turn into a mess. He laughed he said yeah he could come help with that and I said I need to get the lights on the roof too. He said that was fine. He said let him know when I got home so I did and we were texting. I said I was disappointing that the dock was closed I liked going out there and sitting it was so relaxing. He said that was okay we could find one to sit on this weekend. He said I have to hang Christmas lights you know. I said yes and don’t forget build a manger too. He laughed said yes he would do that too.

The kids said something about him, I said he works at the shop with me he is just a friend, he is going through somethings and having problems with his roommate so he just wanted to get out of the house and talk for a bit. I said he just like My other friend and some others they know. They said oh okay. I said he isn’t busy he said he would help with the Christmas stuff too. They weren’t sure what to think about that. I think they wanted to be excited but then had the thought that there dad wasn’t going to be here to do it with them or bother to come do it with them. NOt that I want him to or probably would let him at this point because I don’t want him around. I said if things don’t change he is supposed to come this weekend but he may have to work of if something comes up he may not be able to. Because what he says now and what he does I never know. But I figure he probably do it. He loves kids and doing things with them and for them so unless something really happens he probably will.

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