{November 26, 2017}   Putting Up Christmas Decorations

Last weekend when me and my friend from the shop went out I asked him if he would help me and the kids get our outside Christmas stuff up this weekend? He said he could do that. It came up a couple times this week so I knew he was going to do it or still had it in mine we were suppose to do it. I messaged him Friday to see if he wanted to go shopping, he said he had to do some side work to make up for not working the two days and his phone bill coming out of his check this week as well. Later I messaged him and ask if he was still going to be able to help me and he said yes Saturday. I told him I was just tying to plan and get things together.

I forgot to pay my phone yesterday and it went off sometime in the night or early this morning. I knew he was supposed to come over so I messaged him from the kids phone and told him it was me I hadn’t paid my bill, to message me on their phone when he was ready to come over. I told him I would probably pay my phone when I went out to pick him up. I ended up taking the boys and my oldest out to do their Christmas shopping and stopped and paid my phone bill. I messaged told him I had it turned back on but still never heard from him. I later text him and ask him if he was still coming over today? He text back and said he was going to try to. I asked him what he was up to or something and he said he was really sick. He said it was pretty bad, worse than kidney stones. I told him he should probably get checked out, he said maybe. We talked a little more I said maybe it was his gallbladder. He said he hoped not. I asked him if he had gotten sick? He said all night. I told him if he wanted to go get checked out I would give him a ride. He said thanks. I knew then we weren’t going to do it, I didn’t expect him to.

I sent him a message a little while ago but he didn’t reply, I figure he is sleeping if he stopped getting sick and was able to since he had been up all night. I just text him told him if he was feeling better in the morning and wanted to get out to get a hold of me, I am going to be going to the flea markets around. I am looking for a gift for my oldest for Christmas I think she will like. I told him what time I want to leave and everything. I figure if he is feeling better and don’t have plans then maybe we could do the stuff outside when we get back.

I told my friend wait until father of the year comes by and see’s we have our Christmas stuff up. He going to be going who did that? How did she get that stuff up on her own? He has always done it with the kids and put them up since we moved here and when we were in our other house. My friend said she hoped he came by and seen my friend from work and the kids putting it all p together. Either way I hope it makes him feel like shit and he thinks about what his kids said about him and thinks about someone else doing the things he did with them and the fact that they don’t really need him either.

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