{November 27, 2017}   Not Safe Anywhere

I took my kids out of public school about 4 years ago for many reasons and have not put them back because of where they would go if they went back now. They go to a small private school that is like a little one room school house with about 13 or so kids. They have been there the last two years and we really like it, it’s like a family the kids all talk and know each other, they do family lunches and parties and things.

Today after the kids got home I received a text from the owner of the school. She asked me to ask my oldest if one of the other students said anything at lunch about bringing a gun or gas to school. I called her in and ask her if anything was said and she said yes he said he was going to bring a gun to school and kill himself. I ask her if he said anything about gas or anything else and she said no. I felt sick and was in shock as soon as she said it. I text her back and told her yes and what she said he was saying. She said damn thank you so much and that was it.

I have no idea what they are going to do about it or who told them about it. My oldest said that there was her and the other two older students besides him there. I figure one of them told her what was said and they were asking the others at the table what was said or if it was said. She didn’t say what was going to be done about it or anything else. Just asked and said okay.

I know this family has been in the school a long time and are close to them. I also know that they do not always do things just how they are supposed to be done. I do not know if they are just going to go to his parents and try to handle it that way or if they are going to report it like they should and let it be handled that way or if they are going to tell the family they are reporting it so they can figure out what to say or what. I know they are going to say they can’t tell me anything if I ask just that they needed to know what was said.

I wasn’t sure if it was county or city where the school is, I thought county but then was thinking about the one time that the police had to be called and who was there. Thinking of who was there I thought it was city so I called the police department and ask they said it was their area. I told her I wanted to make a report she said I could come in or they could have an officer come out to me. I told her I would just come in because I was not at that address, I was at home.

Of course by the time I got there they were closed so I had to wait to get in and then wait for an officer to come off the street to talk to me. One guy came in not sure what he was there and ask what was going on? I told him what happen what was said and that I felt it needed to be reported. He said he would get a paper for me to fill out to make the report and they would get on it and see what they could find out. I let him know that the student in question was between 18 and 20 that I thought he was closer to 20. He said so it isn’t a student? I told him no it is buy they have special needs kids there and kids with different things and that they can stay in school until they are 22. He went brought back the paper and an officer who had come in. She asked me more about it. I filled out the report and she was saying she didn’t know how to find out where the student lived with school being closed and us not having an address. The other guy said he is an adult so we can run him see if he has anything else or if comes up some way. She said it is an adult? I said yes and told her they take all kids and things. She said oh ah yeah we are going to get right on this we are going to do everything we can to make contact with him before tomorrow and see what we can do and what is going on. Make sure that nothing is brought to school.

As I sit here and write this I just had a phone call saying that they could not find anyone and get an address for him and wanted to know if I had any kind of emergency contact information for the school in case something was wrong or anything. I gave her the cell phone number I have. I guess we will see what happens from here. My kids are not going to school tomorrow. I am not sure they will be going back the rest of the week. Not until I know what ends up being done over this. I feel he should not be allowed to come back to school but I do not know what the school will decide. Until they do and tell me and tell me what they are doing to make sure that nothing happens I am not sending my kids back there. I am ready to pull them out and go back to homeschooling with them. I can order the same work they are doing right now and let them do it at home. I just may end up doing that.

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