Last Conversation

I got up Tuesday way later than I planed so I text him and told him I had to get the money. I told him I needed to go to the tag office that I could go to the one in the town between me and him and meet him there or somewhere in town … Continue reading Last Conversation


Sleeping Beauty Is Gone

A lot has happened the last 3 weeks I guess going on 4 weeks now. When he first came here he was not doing good at all, he had not been taking his medication for his sugar problems and it was starting to effect him. I think it was the night he came and stayed … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Is Gone

Noticed Something Interesting

Let me start by saying I am doing all this on my tiny phone, because the kids lost my computer cord. Of course it is dead. I have noticed lately that when I am feeling overwhelmed I listen to the metal stations. I normally just listen to country. But for whatever reason I find it … Continue reading Noticed Something Interesting