Me and Starfish was out Wednesday night and talking. I told him I figured out why the boss is so mad about me and him talking. Starfish thinks it is because he didn’t do something he was supposed to do for me because he was sick. I know it isn’t and we know there is/was more to it. I thought of it the other night. Like I told him it has to do with me and him but not that he did anything wrong. He is just really pissed off that we are talking.

See he has tried to get me to go out with him a few times and he has tried to get me to do stuff with him more than once and since I started up there. I turn him down flat no second through. I am not doing it he has a wife, I’m not interested in anything to do with that. His wife is my best friend he will tell you that out of his own mouth. But then try to get me to fuck around with him. He has cheated on her many times and with most of her friends. I just won’t do it or have anything to do with him. Like I told Starfish, he is pissed off that I turned him down flat won’t have anything to do with him and now me and him are talking. I know how he is, he is pissed what makes him “better” than me? Why is she talking to him but not me? I have money, blah blah. I’m not interested in any of  that. Not what I am looking for, I wouldn’t wan’t anything to do with him if he wasn’t married he just isn’t my type. He is very controlling and abusive. He can’t stand it that we are talking which in its self is obsessive if you ask me.

I think he said what he did about if he ever hurt me, it would be his job. I think he thought that would make him just forget it and leave me alone. He wouldn’t want to risk his job over it. When he didn’t and we been talking and things anyway it made him mad. He could’t control it how things were. Kind of creepy really thinking about it. That he get that mad about it that he would do all this.

I wish he would say something to me about it, because I do not care I wold tell him real fast it isn’t his business and that him losing his job over it was wrong. I am not scared of him. I am not his wife or kids and I maybe his employee but I don’t need my job that bad and if he wants to pull that card with me I will let a lot out of the bag that he isn’t going to want let out.


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