{December 12, 2017}   He Needs To Go Home Now

I think I told you all my friend starfish moved in already if not he did last week or the week before sometime. Everything seems to run together and be one big blur right now. He been sleeping on the couch until we get the room cleaned out for him and things moved around.

Since he has been here he has been helping get things around the house done and helping get the kids back under control. They are not happy but it is getting better. They don’t like it that mom is enforcing the rules and restrictions. He has been helping. He told them he seen how they been walking over me taking advantage of me and not listening or doing what they were supposed to. That it wasn’t right and it was going to stop.

The boys have been in their room for days because they do not want to clean it, they talk, play, throw fits and have melt downs. Today it is finally done and they can have the phone, tv and computer back tomorrow since they didn’t have any fits and got it done.

Little Bitty is more than unhappy with him. She thinks because he is here is why she can’t sleep in my bed or use the phone. I picked her up from school yesterday and she was egale eyeing the truck and looking to see if he was in it. She asked if he was and I told her no. She said good she didn’t want me to go get him and she didn’t want me to bring him back to our house anymore. She said he needed to stay at his house now. I ask her why she said he was mean and she didn’t like him. Finally it come out she wanted to use the phone and sleep in my bed. I told her it didn’t matter who was or wasn’t here she was not doing either one. That she had to go to bed in her bed and that as long as she threw a fit for two hours before she went to sleep she would not be using the phone or tv when the next day. She kept on most the evening and after he got home that she wanted me to take him to his house and she didn’t want him here he needed to leave and everything. I told her he was renting the room this was his house she said he needed to find a new one. Then she told me I could take him home and stay there with him if I wanted her sister would take care of them she didn’t want him here. Mind you this is the same child that has told me daily for days now that she hates me, that she don’t want me to tell her I love her, she hates that I love her. She is no holds bars when it comes to what she wants and what she thinks will get it for her.

Well her saying she didn’t want him here and that he was mean really got to him. He made a deal with her that she could use the phone for a little bit before dinner and for thirty minutes before bed. I said um hum she got to you, you gave in and gave her what she wants. He said no I am just trying something, I said okay but when I was doing x earlier I was babying and giving in. I said you just got worked and now she knows how to work you it’s only going to get worse.

He said I never seen a kid say they don’t want someone at their house and to make them leave and things like that and I don’t know why she say’s I’m mean. I gave her a drink and told her to go back to bed last night and she went right in there went right to sleep in minutes. He said Big Girl was sitting right here she knows I wasn’t mean to her. I said I know you weren’t either but like I said there is nothing she won’t say or try to get what she wants.

Today she has been telling me she don’t want him here again. I ask why she tells me the same-thing she wants to use the phone and sleep in my bed. It’s not like he is sleeping in my bed or anything like that he isn’t, so she can’t say because he is she can’t. Just because he told her she needed to listen to me and go to bed.

Other than that things are going pretty good. The boys get mad he tells them they can’t do something or to clean and things, but then when he isn’t hear all I hear is where is he? Is he coming back? When is he coming back? They all like him they just are not use to having someone else telling them what to do or helping me. When my mom was here she tried to but she just came in took over and started barking orders and treating them like crap and everything was in the air everyone fighting. He talks to them and things not just barking orders or trying to push everyone around or what. Like my friend said Little Bitty has never had a man in the house, it is always me. The other kids their dad has been in the picture but he was never one to make sure things got done, or get the to do things or try to make them listen. I was always the one who had to take control of everything and make sure everything got done or play ref between everyone because if he did decide he was going to do something he talked to and treated them worse than you would animals. So to have someone else here helping and things is going to take some getting use to. Someone that talks to them and things not just treat them like crap and get away with everything.

Tonight he isn’t here and they are trying to take advantage of it. Little Bitty is mad she can’t take the phone to bed. I don’t know why because she isn’t allowed to any other time. Finding 50 reason’s why she can’t go to bed.

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