{December 31, 2017}   Last Conversation

I got up Tuesday way later than I planed so I text him and told him I had to get the money. I told him I needed to go to the tag office that I could go to the one in the town between me and him and meet him there or somewhere in town there. Knowing he has to get a ride and things. I just got a text back that said I’m broke. I figured not surprised at all.

It got ugly from there. He told me I was telling people we were together and how I tell my friend everything and what he is hearing and why shit is started between everyone. I said no I’m not telling anyone anything and I have not told anyone that we are or were together. I said, I have been asked and I have told everyone no because we aren’t. But you did and I didn’t know why you said it then and haven’t been able to say anything to you about it. Him I would never tell anyone we were together trust me!

I said yeah you know what you probably wouldn’t or probably wouldn’t now or something like that. I said because I am not your type, I said when I am with a guy I am not with him because I need anything from him or want him to pay my way. I said unlike what your use to, want you to pay everything for them, work your self to death and give them everything they want, while you are they are out running around lying, cheating, and parting or whatever they want to do and using you. I said see I can get what I want and pay my own way. I said so if I have a man around it is because I want him there, to spend time with, do things with, because I care about them and want them happy too. So like I said I’m not your type your not use to that, don’t know how to handle that or what to think about that. I said you say I make you nerves that is why I make you nerves, because I don’t need you.

Stop texting me leave me alone. We said other things as well I finally told him I was going to leave him alone that I had things to do besides arguing with a grown man that wants to act like a little boy. I said I have to go figure out how to get the money I was screwed out of and be the responsible one and pay the things that I owe.

Fuck you and your little boy I this and that he went on. I said nothing else. Then in a little bit he said why are you texting me again. I said it has been an hour since I sent you anything screen shot the last thing I sent and where he just sent me saying I was texting him. He didn’t say anything. Then again in a little bit having a fit I was texting him again. I said I am not texting you again just like last time. Yes you are I keep getting text and more text from you. I said look I am driving I am not trying to text you or got time to text you. Yes you are. I said then what am I saying if you say I am texting you? He sent me a screen shot but I didn’t see it until I little while later. I read it what I could see of it. I screen shot the date and time I sent it and sent him told him that I had sent that Sunday I was not texting him sending it then. He kept on yeah right I said you see I just sent you showed you when it was sent just like what I sent earlier that you didn’t get until almost an hour later. Something must be wrong with your phone. I said and if you read it and look at it you would see it is the same thing word for word that I sent you on Sunday your getting it twice.

I’m not getting it twice you dumb ass. I said I am not a fucking dumb ass and ask if he didn’t get it Sunday he never answered and I haven’t heard anything since. I was pissed by that point and the other shit he said all while again telling me I don’t want to talk I’m not talking to you stop texting me. I say I am leaving you alone he just keep running his mouth. I didn’t care I was telling him like it was the more I tell him the madder he got but when I said tell me who said that? Where did you hear that? If I said that or done that then tell me when where, he could’t. When I said what I did about him he never denied it or tried to, just get really pissed off and back to I don’t want to talk leave me alone. I said yep run, hide never be able to relax always worried about what is going to happen might happen.

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