{January 9, 2018}   Re:A Business Loan

That was short and not so sweet, just as I expected. I was there maybe 5 minutes and leaving.

She ask what I was there for and I told her. She then ask if I had been established for two year or more. I told her no I was just trying to start and open up. She said they can’t help me and that I needed to register with the state and things like that get things rolling. I don’t want to do that if I don’t have money to do anything. She was not helpful with any information. I know people do things like this all the time I just don’t know how or where to start to get the money to make it happen.

I have my eye on this old motel that has been closed a long time. It was a motel with a house and a restaurant all together. It isn’t anything big maybe a dozen or so rooms. Someone years back went in and started remolding it and doing some stuff to it. What I have heard is they got into things they should not have lost their money and they had to do it and everything else and it has since just sat. They closed up everything it looks like made the house and restaurant all one area. I would open it back up into a store. Then I could move there do away with my rent and bills at my house, live there run the motel and open the store I have been wanting to open as well. I could kill three birds with one stone for say. I still want to move but I would stay a little longer and get it all off the ground and running good.

Once I had it going I thought about letting me sister and her husband move in and live in the house. He works she could run the motel and the store and live there rent free. If they didn’t want to do it I know others who I could trust to do it. Once I had it all turning over good profit and things I could then turn around and sell it. I could get my money and then some out of it. It is in a good location for the motel and a good location for a store right on the side of a busy highway and freeway. And there is a flea market right across the street so people who would be going there would stop and come in the store seeing as you have to drive right by it to get there or leave pretty much.

I just wish that I could figure out how to get the money to back it and get it started. I know people who could do the work and not charge me a ton and I could do some of it or help with a lot of it. The store would not be hard at all because I have more than enough to put in it and if I take everything on consignment then they only make money if I make money I won’t be paying out for inventory.

I just want to find someone who has done it can sit down with me walk me through what and how to do it and help me do it all. I am a fast learner and smart about a lot of things but this is one thing I do not know about. I rather start something I had the money already to start but I think this would take off and make me money faster and be less stress for me because I wouldn’t have to worry about bills at the business and at home I would have it all right there in one. I could take my bill money I have now every month and roll it into what I made to help cover everything so I wouldn’t be putting as much out.

I am trying to find out information on the building to see if I can get a hold of someone talk to them about it. I need to know who owns it what they are thinking of doing with it, if they want to rent it sell it, how much they want for it and things like that. If the same person owns it they may just want to get rid of it quick or they may be interested in renting it and having money come in off of it every month. So many questions and so much to figure out. I still want to move but I think things are going to be tied up in court and I am going to have to put it off until a little later anyway. I just have to wait and see what happens. But this would give me something to do here make some money on and be able to have money and show income coming in when I move to help back me and get property and things when I do get where I am going as well. If I got this I may consider staying and going ahead and finishing my degree. But odds are I would go as soon as I had my court stuff done and the businesses up and running good and someone trained to take over for me.

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