{February 3, 2018}   Job Interview

I went and applied for a job Wednesday I think it was, I am waiting to hear back about it. The interview is for some towing companies, they run 4 I think from the one company. This guy bought two or three of the local ones to get more spots on the police rotation because there is money to be made and you can only have so many spots under one name. But he has to keep them all running under their names or lose their spots. I heard they needed help a while back but didn’t have anyone here to be with the kids because it is over night and you have to be in the office, can’t answer from home.

I found out from my best friend my bosses wife, because it is the bosses twin sister who does it in the day and pretty much runs the company and does the hiring firing and all that. I messaged her and ask her about coming in and applying and she told me when to come in. I got there filled out the application and ended up waiting for an hour to get to talk to her she was busy and the owner had been called out to a call.

She brought me back told me about the job and things. I think it would work out really good for me. It is Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights from 7 pm to 7 am. I will get home in time to take my little one to school by 8:30 the older kids will have to get her up and start getting her ready Monday and Tuesday. They get up at 7 and I should be home by 5 or 10 after. The only problem there maybe is with Tuesday because I have to be in class by 8. But I think if I explain to my teach he will work with me because if I am late it shouldn’t be more than a couple minutes to five minutes. I am getting a really good grade in the class so it should workout. I have had him before and he is super easy if you just talk to him. Like he said he is here to teach us not push us to breaking just because he is the teacher and he can make us do this that and the other and the first 5 minutes of class we are just getting set up and figuring out where he left off and chit chatting so I won’t be missing anything.

She told me she had a couple people come in before me and a few guys coming in after me that she would get back to me with in a few days. I figure sometime early next week. She said something about maybe bringing me in to help her in the day even because they are so busy but I can’t really do days very well. But if she gives it to me I will take it and figure out how to make it work because I have to have something and it is the only thing I have that is decent right now. I like I can work 4 nights have 3 off. I like it was over night so I can do school, internship and be there for the kids. I figure if she brings me on in the day I prove myself and work my ass off the person on nights probably won’t last long not many of them do then maybe I can get her to move me. Just explain to her and the owner that I came because it was night hours all that I have to do and that I like the job but I really need the hours they had said it was for when I applied that if they can do that I will be there for a while not looking to go anywhere else anytime soon.

I went back to the office after I got done there and in a little bit the boss asked if I had talked to her. I told him yes I applied over there and that it seemed like it would be good because it was nights I could do what I needed to do and still work there and everything. He said yeah she was messaging him asking him about me. I hope that is a good thing.

I don’t know if I don’t get this what I am going to do because I can’t find anything else working nights. There isn’t a lot out there that have a night shift or over night shift around here. She said the owner might want me to come in and interview with him but I haven’t hard anything at all back so who knows. I need this and really want this I think I would enjoy doing it. I will be there by myself but it that don’t bother me. The gate is locked and the office is locked. There are so many cars and trucks and everything around there you don’t know if someone is in there or not really. The guys on the trucks come in and out dropping off cars and things, they all have keys to the gate so they let themselves in and out I don’t have to worry about that and Most probably don’t even come in the office at night for anything so I won’t have to deal with that either probably. But even if they do that isn’t a big deal to let them in and out.

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