{February 11, 2018}   No Job Again

I messaged the lady about the job I went for week before last on Wednesday. I just said I was checking to see if they had filled the position or not and that I as still interested in it. She said no they hadn’t they would by the end of the week. Thursday she messaged and ask if I could work days some. I told her it would depend what days and how many and if I knew ahead of time. I told her I could work to train and things but that I really needed mostly nights and that is why I applied for it, I was told it was nights. She said she wasn’t sure what or how many days she was trying to work it out. I just left it at I would need to know ahead of time and would try to work it out if they needed me.

I never heard anything back that day or yesterday so I am assuming they hired someone else who was more open than I am with days or someone who had more experience. I did see that they posted an add looking for someone to work days as well. I have about 100 hours between my school and the kids school to put in and school two days a week I have to be in class and then I was trying to still do the shop. But I can do the shop on the weekend or something if i had to. Or just stop all together but I want to keep doing it because he helped me out and helps me out now when I need it if I am short or something happens to the truck or what. It just works good for the both of us.

My bosses wife seems to think that I still have a chance and that they are trying to work it around so that I can do it. The person with the job is my boss now twin sister, I figure she has probably asked her about it or said something to her about it because she said a few times she thinks she is trying to figure it out and work something out. I hope she is right but I can’t wait forever either I need to get to work and get a check coming in before I get behind.

I got my school money the 2nd but it is about gone by the time I paid everything and got everything taken care of. I haven’t gotten everything paid up all the way so I am going to fall behind quick if I don’t get a check coming in soon. I have been applying and following up with things but nothing is coming through yet. I just keep praying that something works out before I start falling under. This is why the deal was with starfish he stay until March. I would have time to get started somewhere or at least have my school money and tax money to hold me over a little bit while working on finding something. I just keep telling myself everything happens for a reason and that it will all be okay and work out. But it is hard to not stress a little.

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