{March 19, 2018}   An Old Friend

So last Monday I posted this on my page as a joke, a few people liked it or loved it and that was about it. A friend from way back liked it and then sent me a private message. He said how expensive? Because he was cheap, very cheap….A 12 pack and a river view cheap. I laughed and we joked back and forth for a little bit. He asked what I was doing later I told him nothing, there was nothing to do and no one to do it with he asked why. He said there was a lot to do and that he would be about 20 minutes away from me for work I should come down. I told him I couldn’t go to far but it be nice to meet up. He said how about this little bar its a little neighborhood kind of place. I had never been to it but know people who have and it has been around forever. I said okay that be good. I told him I had to get ready and get kids settled it be around 7/7:30 before I could go. He said it would be more like 8 or 8:30 before he could get there probably would that be okay. I told him yes it worked better for me as well. I just didn’t want to go to late because I didn’t know what work the next day looked like for him or what.

I made dinner and settled the kids and left, I told him I was leaving and everything. He said it be closer to 830 probably when he got there. I said that was fine I was going to stop get gas and things as well. I asked what he was driving told him what I was in. He messaged me back and said to just go inside and order a drink when I got there and he would take care of it when he got there. I just said okay and did what I had to do, my friend called when I was on my way I hadn’t talked to her in a while since she moved. I talked to her and sat there in the truck talking to her until he got there. He was there just a few minutes after me anyway.

I got out he came over we went inside and got a drink and sat there a few minutes, he said lets go outback and sit it’s quieter we can talk. So we walked outside and sat by the water on the deck and talked for a while and drink our drinks. We walked inside had another drink for a minute. He said he lived just a couple miles up the road did I want to go over to his place. I said sure, I trust him and wasn’t worried about anything.

We got back to his place he introduced me to his roommate and we went outside and sat on the carport, they have it set up like a porch area. We talked some more, he knows my ex, I know his ex, he knows my kids, I know his son, we know a lot of the same people. We were talking about the past and all that has went on and changed where everyone was and things. He walked inside I was sitting there. There was a dart board I went took the darts off and was playing darts when he came back out he stood there talking listening to the radio. He kept pulling me over hugging me and things. He pulled me over and was trying to dance. I said I can’t dance, he like not even two step? I said nope and laughed. He was trying to show me and we were cutting up and carrying on. Just having a good time and enjoying the company. I didn’t feel stressed or rushed or like I had to hurry home because of the kids or worry about them. It was nice.

I didn’t end up getting home until like 1 am and then had to get up get the kids to schools and go to class myself. It wasn’t as bad as I though it would be. I am glad I went.

See we met at the church where me and my ex got married. He was or is good friend with the ministers daughter and their family. They grew up together, they are like brother and sister even call each other brother and sister and their kids call them aunt and uncle. Him and his wife got married around the same time that me and ex did, they moved away for a while. Me and him have been friends on line all these years, never really talked or anything just there. Over the years since him and his wife got their divorce and me and ex got ours he has messaged me here and there. He been all over the place not here a lot of the time just in town for a week or so or passing through. He was out West last I knew then awhile back he told me he was a few hours away he came back to be by his little boy. The other night he told me he been in GA for a little while and had a place up there but he thought he was going to stay home here for a while he felt pulled back here. He is still close to his son and can go get him or see him whenever he wants to.

It sounds like a great catchup. glad you had fun. xox

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