{March 20, 2018}   Escape The Beach

I start a new job today, it is at a place called Escape The Beach. I applied for it one day last week, was called Friday and asked to interview Friday or Saturday, I interviewed Saturday and told yesterday I had the job start today. I have to be there in an hour and forty five minutes so this will be quick. It is where they lock you in a room where a crime has taken place and you have an hour to figure out the crime. We explain it all to them, get them all set up in their rooms and then we watch the rooms on the screen and we give clues as they ask for them if they need them.

It is 24 to 28 hours a week and it is set days and hours not changing all the time and not having to be open 7 days a week day and night. He said this is what I am trying to fill if you can do it if not that is all I have. He said he does it that way so that people can have lives and work other jobs, go to school or whatever they need to do. I like that. I told him that was why I really wasn’t working now because I couldn’t find anyone that would give hours and days like that. He said he thought it was crazy that they don’t and wrong they expect work to be your life.

It isn’t even different hours for training or anything like that they train you the days and hours you will be working. I work Tuesday and Wednesday, Sunday and kind of on call for 3 hours on Thursday between 9 and 11. They only have one person working in the morning so if it gets busy then they will call someone in to help out because they only like you watching two rooms at a time unless they are only a few people in them. Most of them are booked in advance so they know but then they do get walk ins and things too if rooms are open and not going to be used soon we can take them.

The kids think it is cool and want to do it but now working there I am going to know all the ins and outs so I won’t be able to do it with them. I think a friend is going to bring them and her kids and do it with them. It will be fun if I get to watch their room and things.

The only down fall is I have to work every Tuesday and Tuesdays are the nights I was supposed to do the teen group with my internship. I am going to have to work that in and do something different. I am going to set up another meeting with her this week see what I can work out.

I guess I better get off here get ready I have to leave soon and I am not dressed or anything. I took a shower sat here blow dried my hair and then started this. I have to leave early to get gas too. I will not make it there much less there and back if I don’t. Will be back later let you all know how it goes. I think it will be fine the boss is really cool and nice we talked a lot Saturday and the other girls seemed nice that were there.

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