{March 26, 2018}   Re: 911 Dispatching

I went Friday for my testing, there were 4 of us there once I got there. The lady came in to get us as I was waiting to sign in, she waited we headed back. She told us there was supposed to be 8 of us all together and there was only 4. One more showed up about an hour or so late and the others never showed up the 3.5/4 hours I was there.

All the test were on the computer we went through them and just left when we finished. I think I was the 3rd one to leave so we all took about the same amount of time with in a few minutes or so of each other really. One guy had done dispatching before for the fire department I think he said. the rest said they had not done anything like it before either.

I received an email today saying that I didn’t make it. I didn’t score high enough on my test to make it. I kind of wasn’t surprised but hoped I was wrong. There were parts I was able to breeze right through but there were some that I didn’t get to finish or that I didn’t do to great on. It was hard because they tell you what you are going to do but then only give you one minute to practice and figure out how to do everything and how everything works. I know if I was use to using the system and things I could have done a lot better. But since my accident a few years ago I have to learn what needs to be done and have a little time to learn it run through it and practice and things. You don’t get that. I am going to apply for some other things and see what happens. I think they have some openings for domestic violence  area, I am going to see what you need to get on there and try it.

I am sure at some point something better than what I am doing will come along. I am just so tired of struggling and need something better.

sorry you didn’t get the position. your right though, something will turn up. xo

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