{March 30, 2018}   Easter Saved

My friend, the bosses wife contacted me and said if the kids wanted to spend the day with their family they could. I told them yesterday they would be going over there and they are okay with that. Not thrilled that I won’t be here but understand and happy to get to go over there. They wanted to go to my sisters but I had not heard from her and she has no way to get them back and forth. Plus I do not like them at her house when I am not there because of the way her husband treats the kids.

My sister contacted me today wanting to know if I was taking the kids to do anything tomorrow I told her no and that I was working Easter. I told her if she wanted to come over tomorrow and bring the kids we would cook and hide eggs and things. I guess we are going to do that if I can get my yard mowed sometime today to in the morning because I forgot I needed to do it. I think we are just going to grill burgers and things and call it a day. The kids were happy to hear that and more excited about going to my friends house on Easter now.

I am going to get the stuff for their baskets tonight and give them to them in the morning so we are not rushing to do it before I go to work and things on Sunday. This sucks because I asked at work the other day when I went in and they said they never close they are open everyday, every holiday no matter what. I am looking for something else but have to do this until I find something and it is only a Summer job most likely so I will need something else anyhow.

it does sound like the kids will have a great easter. I hope you’ll find another job soon. xo

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