{April 27, 2018}   Re: Decent Job

I went and talk to the guy Thursday morning before I went to my other job. He said he had the other person to interview he let me know by 5. I never heard from him so I called like he said and he told me he was headed home to talk to his wife about it.

I never heard from him last night so my boss said call him. I was with his wife she was talking to him. I did and he said he decided to go with the other person. After telling them i had the job he didn’t want to hire this other person for different reasons.

He ask if I wanted to drive the tag car but I will not be able to because of the accidents I had. He says he is going to call me Monday about that. My boss was mad but not a lot anyone can do. Like my friend said probably to do with my ex. He knows him and no one thinks to highly of him.

It was a lot of work for little money but there were other good to it as well. I would of done it. Tired of never being good enough.

sorry you didn’t get it. hoping something better turns up. xxx

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