{April 29, 2018}   Dress Code

Thursday I went for my interview so I had on a nice pair of jeans boots and nice top. I forgot to toss a work shirt in the truck and was rushing to get there on time so I went in what I had on. I was told I was dressed improperly. Because I didn’t have the t shirt with the work log and name on it. I was told they like you to wear something with it on it but was never told you had to. There are girls in here all the time working in what looks like pajamas and nothing is ever said to them. We wear flip flops most days. At least I was dressed nice. But whatever.

Then yesterday I wasn’t bothered about going to work but I just did not feel like wearing shoes. I just wanted to put my flip flops on and go. I thought I seen my friend wearing them before, I text amd ask him. He said no he didn’t think we could. I said fine I will be there in a bit, I’m trying to force myself to put shoes on.

I get there and it is slow, him, the other driver, one of the owners and I were standing around talking. My friend says the owner said I could wear stripper boots but not flops. I said well great I broke my stripper boots, thats why I had no shoes the night you picked me up from my friends house. The owner said something about having stripper boots. My friend said you do forget she is good friends with me nothing should really surprise you. We laughed. I said I do have a rather nice collection of stripper heels. But I do not think they would be good to deliver pizza’s in.

The poor kid that dives with us just stood there not saying a word and looking a little unsure.

Maybe I should get an outfit to go with my steipper heels and wear them. Maybe I would make better tips.

I just find it funny I am dressed nice amd professional and something gets said because I am not wearing a tshirt and flops or sneakers. But then they say you can wear stripper boots just not flops at the other job. I know she was joking but not joking at the sametime. She knows I wouldn’t but if I did who cares as long as I have shoes on and working basically.

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