{April 29, 2018}   Just Want To Make My Deliveries

Last night at work I took two orders from girl its for bad area. Its a well known drug area, its dirt road to get to it that is horrible most the time and they don’t tip. Only good thing about it is if we have to go its a mile or less from the shop. We aren’t wasting a lot of time or gas.

I ended up with the deliveries out there and one other around the same area. The owner already said it was a tight area to get in and out talking about being in my big truck. She was telling me they would be up and down the sides of the road and trying to stop me and standing in the road. She said just tell them your with us deliverying pizza or food they will leave you alone. They want us to bring them food and know if we have problems we will stop coming. She said there is a little church at the end of the street you should be able to turn around down there. I said oh yeah they have a parking area no problem. She saod no not really just a tiny spot. Worse case you can back out until you get to the other road. The other guy comes along and says something about me going and my truck. They said you want take them on your way or way back from that one your taking? He said no really fast.

Now they have me worried, not about the people on the road or in the road trying to stop me but about getting turned around and out of there. I am expecting this little dirt path you maybe able to get a car or two down. Me with my truck thats it and no way of turning around.

I find the road and while it is a dirt raod leading to it the road itself was paved. So that was good. I turn down and round the corner there some guy on edge of the road under a tree. I think I scared him he look like he was trying to hide and get away. I come around to the straight away and there are cars all up down the sides of the road and I see people up amd down the sides of the road talking back and forth and things. I had my wondow down so I could see around me and hear. Sure enough they start waving and waving stuff at me and coming up to amd infront of my truck. I just act like they wasn’t even there just kept driving. They seen that they got out of my way.

The house I was going to was the last house on the street the church was still about half a block away. I got out gave the people their food. The second order the guy wasn’t there, he was one of the ones up the street trying to stop me. He come run down there get his food. He tipped me like $4 and she tipped me $2 I think. Other drives say they dont get anything down there. I got down got in the truck spoon it around right there in the middle of the street and headed out. They all stayed out of my way and didn’t say anything to me.

A lot of people be scared to go down there because of everyone hanging out what they are doing. But I wasn’t, because everyone knows what goes on down there but no one bothers them or does anything about it. They are not going to want to get someone like me or one of the other drivers down there and do something stupid because then everyone is going to be in there looking at everything and busting the hell out of the place every time they turn around. I just didn’t want to get my truck stuck in there risk hitting something but I was alright. I figure now I will be the one sent when orders are made now because I didn’t have any problems and no one else wants to go. Oh well I am not worried about it. I rather go there than to some of my other orders I have had with weirdos.

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