{April 29, 2018}   The Best Medication

I have been on this new medication for about a week now, maybe a few days more. I have to say I feel so much better, maybe better than I have ever really felt. I wasn’t sure about taking it at first, then asked my really good friend I was really not sure.

But I took it anyway, the first night was hell. I think it was a combination of the pill, pms and just being depressed already. I was worried things would get worse the more I took. But I have kept taking it anyway. I kind of forgot about it, taking it has just become a . I just take it and forget it. The last few days I noticed, I am sleeping better at night, I wake up feeling like I slept, I feel good when I wake up. I don’t feel like I am forcing myself to get up and do things. I just do them. I don’t feel like I just want to go back to bed all the time or like i want to be in bed. I hope it last and I don’t have to chang again. I don’t feel depressed or down and things. It’s like this huge thing has been lifted off me. I almost feel like I have been sleeling all this time and now I have woke up.

It’s nice to feel goid even with things like not getting that job happening, I was upset but it was a different kind of upset. It felt normal not extreme, like I feel kg is a lot of times.

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