{May 1, 2018}   Little Bitty and Heart Test

As if today wasn’t bad enough, Little Bitty was home sick today. I took her to the doctor after I picked the kids up from school. Its quicker in and out and incase my friend and boss needed anythinng today with everything going on.

They got us right back and the doctor came in. She checked her out said her heart was racing and sounded funny. She said gurgly and spastic. She had infection trying to start in one ear but her lungs were clear. She wanted her tested for strep, flue and fluid in her ears. She went to go out.

I told her she been in the truck an hour sleeping just walked in and sat down. Her heart should not be racing. I ask her should I be watching her for anything or what. She said she was going to go look at her record to see what has been done with the heart so far. I said nothing at all she has never had problems. She said okay that answers that, I’m order an ekg and an echo of her heart and see what is going on.

That makes me worry that her heart was racing when she’d not been doing anything. I thought later, I noticed a few times when she has been sitting on my lap or laying snuggled up to me saying her heart seemed like it was beating fast. I just figured she been running around playing before. But for me to just notice is odd its not something I ever notice or think about.

It also makes me worry that it was bad enough the doctor thought it was an on going thing they been doing something for or watching.

I left thinking great now we have wait months for a time with the specialist then be sent for test all that. Because she always sends out for something like that and lets them do testing they want. Then I thought she never said anything about a specilest. Just I want this and this done I am going to give you and order take her get it done. Now I am wondering if she was thinking same it take months to get into one so she wants to get test done see what is wrong not let her wait that long. If it shows something she can call get her in right away. But not without test most times. Praying we can get them done really soon get some answers.

She has the green line across the bridge of her nose between her eyes just like her brother. I read some where kids with that are more likly to have heart problems. I asked the doctor she said they say that we would keep an eye out but that she was fine then. She did not hear anything. That was about a year ago I think. Her sister also has heart problems, I am not sure what, I just thought of that.

Now I am worried about that. Do not know what to think. Just pray

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