{May 14, 2018}   Just Want Someone to Love

Oh goodness, Mr. To Broken has been messaging me the last few nights and called me today. He telling me how he can’t find anyone amd how he is lonely and wants someone to love. I told him I know how that is but that it takes time to find that. He gets all mad and upset.

He was telling me today something about me amd him and if I just give him a chance and things. I was in the store and told him I would call him back when I got out. I did he isn’t answering now. Telling me how I am everything he is looking for and he is sorry for whatever he did to make me not like him. I told him really didn’t just over all we are in two different places wanting and looking for two different things. I am going to have to really spell it out for him and risk maybe hurting him and him getting mad but I can’t help it. It is not anything I have not said to him already.

He is not divorced yet, he has not gotten over his divorce yet, he has not given him self time to really process it and put himself back together from it. He has not found his way or new normal for himself or him and his kids. He just feels that if he finds someone that will take care of everything. It won’t.

He keeps saying he just wants someone to love. I told him Its part of a bigger picture. You can’t just meet someone and have love. You have to build a friendship and things that will turn into more. It takes time a lot of time. He is all you think I’m not capable of that? I told him yes I thought he was but that he needed to work on himself first.

Later we were talking he told me again for about the 5,000,000,000 time since we started talking back in December that he isn’t good enough. I told him You have to have confidence. If you have the attitude your not good enough you never will be. He didn’t say anything.

He called again last night telling me all why he loves me and how I am what he is looking for. How many times and ways do I have to say no before he gets it? I like him as a friend that is it. He really does have things he needs to work on and as long as he keeps doing things the way he is everyone is going to stop talking to him.

I want to love someone and be loved too and have someone tmwho is there for me and I can be there for too. But I don’t want it bad enough to just get with anyone to have it. I am ok being alone until the right person comes along. He says I am willing to give you all that I don’t see what the problem is. He don’t get there is more to it than that. I don’t know how or if anyone could ever make him understand. Maybe one day he will figure it out for himself.

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