{May 28, 2018}   4 Days Behind

I told you all about the 30 day prayer challenge and prayer journal I started. I am now 4 days down in writting. While I haven’t written I have prayed for my list of people. It hasn’t been as in depth as when I write but I haven’t forgotten or stopped praying for them. Its been quick things here and there as I am going about my day or as I lay down at night to just unwind and relaxe.

Mostly just help so and so with, I haven’t talk to such and such hope everything is ok be with them. Or just whatever I think of at the time.

I really want to get back to writting I feel like I think of so much more to pray for when I get to each person.

I have just been exhausted the last 3 or 4 nights after working and running. The other night it was all I could do to not just fall over on my bed and pass out while I was eating my sub after work.

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