{May 29, 2018}   Fully Booked Day

This is what my day looked like yesterday. I was called at 9 something am before I had even gotten out of bed and told I could come in anytime between then and 1 when I was supposed to be there. They had some back to back rooms the other girl would need help. I had already looked seen we had 6 rooms for the day 3 together then 3 together later in the day. The first of then would start right about the time I would be getting there. So I got up got things together for the kids and got to work about 11:30 am.

I walked in the door to a group of people the phone ringing and more people coming in. I was on the phone before I even got clocked in. I had to chit chat to get myself time to clock in so I could help them. I asked them the normal questions while I was clocking in they never knew nothing.

We started the one group booked one or two over the phone and one who walked in. Before. All while taking care of and starting our next two rooms. Before I knew it between the two of us we went from 6 rooms for the day to 16 and people still calling. We had rooms double booked and before the night was over we were using the empty morning slots to book rooms for night slots because we had no more slots for those rooms for the day. When it was all said and done we ran 25 rooms with about 30 different groups of people.

I was there again by myselfe for a few hours with no back up. We got behind because I was brefing rooms, resetting, answering phones, taking care of customers and everything else on my own. The one girl leaves right at 1 no matter what. The owner was there for a long time but left right before her and wasn’t helping anyway. He was dealing with his own stuff.

He wasn’t happy when he left because he needed to get a hold of the boss and tried calling like 8 times and never was answered. He told me I was doing a great job ask how many times I tried to call boss and gave me his number and told me anything I needed or problems to call him it was no problem. Thanked me over and over for being there doing such a good job. This was in our slower time. But he seen and his friend did that I was going going doing whatever had to be done i was good with the customers not loud rude or over the top like some are and i was working not on my phone.

He pulled out about 5 rolls of toilet paper and sat on the front counter to take with him. Everyone kept playing with it stacking it and moving it around when they come in. I kept thinking I needed to move it but was just busy and thinking he leave in a few and take it. After everyone left and rooms were going I walked upfront and sat down to watch the camera’s and there it sat on the counter still. I snapped a picture and sent it to the owner the one who forgot it.

Forgot something😬

I sent it just like that. In a minute my phone was ringing it said it was him calling. I was thinking shit I’m get my ass chewed I should not of sent that. He wasn’t in a good mood as it was I don’t really know him. This is only the 3rd time we had been there the same time and only time we had ever really talked it wasn’t a lot. I answered ready to take it appalagise and hope for the best.

I answered he was like omg that is so great I loved it, it was just what I needed, it was a breath of fresh air. The last 14 days have been nothing but stress and hell and I lost my credit card im sick wife is sick i cant get in the safe and cant get boss to get me in it to get money so we can go to the walk in clinic. I just looked at my buddy and said shit I forgot the toilet paper then I look down and seen your text that was the best. I just love you your great. Im like I just wanted to make sure you knew before you got home. He think you so much toss it behind the counter i be back to get it. I really needed that. I had to finally tell him i had to go i had people calling and things.

Then the storm hit everyone is showing up early games are starting late because i am doing everything on my own. I have 3 groups of people in front of me, 3 rooms going, trying to clue them take care of people infront of me and the phone is ringing. I answer and ask them to hold and lay the phone down. I clue the rooms and start with the people in front of me. Then think of the person on hold. I grab the phone say sorry ask how I can help them?

The voice on the other end of the line is mad and say’s it’s x the owner and why with 2 of you there am I…

I stopped him right there and said I am the only one here doing it all. I have this, this, this going on I am trying to do this, this and this and every other job that has to be done here on my own and right now every job that there is has to be done i am doing what I can. I wasn’t loud or rude or nasty. I was just to the point and manner of fact and stern. I wasn’t complaining about it but just letting him know this is how it is this is why you are on hold. He stopped and stopped me started saying how sorry he was and what a great job I was doing and it wasn’t me it was a management issue, he take care of it he was going to go. How much he loved me and thanking me over and over and what a great job i was doing. By this point I have all but 3 room booked and turning people away because the only room i have i will not put kids in and if they have never done a room it is not a good one to start with. I told him that too all rooms but 3 were booked.

After 3 boss comes in starts on me about why I did not call for back up? Why we were behind and I had not stopped to make phone calls to others asking them to came in later. I didn’t have time to call 20 people to ask them to come later trying to do everything else. And as far as calling anyone in what I was given said my back up was not able to come in until after 3. I knew boss would be in at 3 to help because he told me he would when he called me to come early. I did not bother to call boss because owner did like 8 times and didn’t get him the other girl tried 3 or 4. I couldn’t of gotten him either. The other girl who was there til one should of said if we could call someone else. She must not of known either. But then the fact not only was the owner there and seen how busy we were but then called got put on hold and i told him. He did not bother to say get on the phone call you some help to come in or i will call you help or come back. So what was i supposed to of thought. I said a little bit to boss but when it came to it being his mess up he had things to do wouldn’t listen to what more i had to say. Then told the other girls how mad he was at me because of everything being a mess and we were going to be having a meating.

I don’t care if he is mad he say what he wants. This is not the first time I was done this way and left a lone with no help. He was my back up and did not answer until an hour after we closed I never got help. He did not say then I should of called someone else. Basically just oh well sorry and that was that. He starts to much with me I will call the owner and have a chat with him. He done gave me his number said if there was any problems he seen me work and knows how I am and is happy with me. He is already unhappy with boss right now so. I am in no way looking to get anyone in trouble but I am not taking the fall for someone else’s screw up and risk losing my job. Boss is tired of being there and on call all the time he has a new girlfriend and is tied up with her and not wanting to deal with this. Thats fine but its his job and to leave people like he is and then say well you should of when that isn’t what was said.

Other places I worked if it said you have help you can call after 3 thats when you had help and until then you sucked it up did the job and kissed ass to keep the customers happy. You didn’t stop to call around find help. Because you knew when your help would be there. If you had hope you may get help before that you called the boss they called help why you did your job. That’s how it was last time I was busy and needed help there was none i had to suck it up and take care of business why would I figure it to be different.

thats how my Sunday went. From 6 to fully booked in a matter of an hour or two. Each one of those we have to have them come in 15 minutes early so it leaves not even a couple minutes of down time. Then you get started late and it all goes down hill in a matter of minutes. I worked 10.2 hours.


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