{May 31, 2018}   karaoke Night

Last night my Bff asked if I wanted to go out like we do most Wednesday nights. She said she was bringing her kids. I told her no because I didn’t have money to even buy drinks much less anything else. My oldest heard us talking and said she had $20 she would get some stuff and drink water. So we decided to go. We were eating dinner at home right before we went and they drink enough junk that water wouldn’t hurt them.

We came home had dinner and went to leave my mom gave them $20 to get dessert with. The little ones got icecream shooters and the older ones got the $3 appetizers. They had enough they all got tea to drink. I just had a glass of tea. All I had to pay for was my tea.

My two little ones 5 and 7 years old sang but the older two wouldn’t. My youngest sang No by Meghan Tarronie. The other sang Up Town Funk You Up. They couldn’t read the screen and since it didn’t have the words with it they had a hard time knowing what to sing when. I didn’t know they have some with vocals. I will have to try and use them for them next time. I have to work on getting them to sing louder too.

My friends little boy is 7 also he has speech and learning problems. He started talking about wanting to sing as soon as we went in. She was telling him no and just wait. I said sure you can I go up there with you if you want. She was like I don’t know and was worried they wouldn’t let him. I said well trust me they will let him, if not or they say something I will have something to say. She like oh boy and he won’t get up there when they call him yada yada. I said if he don’t go or gets up there and stops in the middle its fine not a big deal. But if he wants to do it let him get up there and do it.

Her daughter was texting everyone’s name and songs in to the lady. I told her find his song he wanted and send it in. He was one of the first ones up there. Maybe the first. It was so cute my little one ran up stood infront of him and was waving her hands dancing and cheering for him. The other kids all came up around to watch. He started up I hung back let him go then he turned around looking for for me I went up with him. At first I sat over in a chair to the side he started. But he had the mic on his mouth so I went over stood beside him and helped him hold the mic I bent down was telling him in his ear what to sing next as it was going across. He sang some and some he stood there and some was a little off but he sang more of it than my kids did theirs I think and he did pretty good. What he did sing you could hear and understand a lot of it. He was so proud of himself.

His mom was surprised too I think everyone clappes for him. I told her after we sat back down not to tell him no or keep him from doing it if he wanted to. It is good for him to get up there and try. As hard as it is for people to understand him and for him to talk to people he gets frustrated because people can’t understand him. To want to try and to get up there infront of a packed out places with all those people good for him go for it and have fun. She tries to “protect” him from getting up there and messing up or not being able to be understood and what others may say or do. She was worried I know that if the lady heard him talk she wouldn’t want him to try and sing or tell him no he be upset. Not me because if that had happen you stand up for him and say something. Not let someone do him that way. Others are far from good some get up there and just try to do horrible. Others are really good. But they all get a chance. So if she had said something about his speech I would have said something. If others had said something or made fun of him I would of said something as well. Because when it is all said and done it is them with the problem not the kid. We should be encouraging the kids and making them feel good not putting them down and making fun of them because of a disability. Give them props for getting up there and trying. I do not deal with people being nasty to people over things they can not help like that surely not when it comes to kids. If we did that with everything we were worried about kids would never learn grow and explore new things.

His mom is very none confrontational and like I said just protect not put yourself out there to be subjected to confrontation. Having a child with disabilities you really can’t be that way. You have to let them try things and stand up for them. Never make them feel they can’t do something or that they are not as good as others or capable of doing things others can. Just because he he has problem speaking don’t mean he can’t sing. He maybe able to sing great. He does pronounce better when he is singing than talking but it isn’t perfect but its all for fun so who cares as long as he is having fun.

All in all everyone had fun and we had a very lazy day today. We didn’t get home until 1am or after. Little Bitty walked in went right to the bedroom stripped got in bed and fell a sleep. She didn’t get up until after 11 this morning. The rest got up about 12 or 1.

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