{June 4, 2018}   No Idea Where To Turn

I have no idea what to do or where to turn at this point. I have been to and called all over to get help with my water bill. I have called amd held and held on the phone with them trying to beg them to break it up and let me make it in payments on my next few bills.

I worked this weekend but by the time I paid rent i have $100 left. I need gas to get to work the next two days and to work Thursday night. I want to see if I can give them $80 now and then break the rest up.

I have been just getting by paying what O have to in order to keep things on. Now they want the full amount by tomorrow in order to keep it on. I do not have the money to give them.

I went to places others tell me they have gotten help or know that they help and I have gotten nothing but told we can’t help you for one reason or another. One place said they could not even talk to me until next Thursday. The other says they are not opem they will call when they can they are changing things around. They will get to you as soom as they can it be a few days. The other days because I do not come there the days they give out food and haven’t been for 3 months they will not help me. What since that makes I still can not figure out. I am doing okay keeping up with things and one time I need help and they say no. But if I came there got whtever I could get every week or what they would help me.

I am know most the water company is probably going to say they can’t help they have done what they can. But then if they shut it off they will set up a payment plan to pay it but will not turn it on inless it is paid in full. What since that makes when people are asking and trying to work it out. They know you can’t stay in your house with no water so then what are you going to do.

It isn’t like I ask any of these places for help all the time like a lot of people I know of. They know just how to work it and how much each place will pay and how often. They will go to each one everytime they can and get help rather they need it or not.

I got help back in 2011 right after Father of the Year moved out then last year when he stop paying. Now its been over a year. I have made it work all this time rather I borrowed and paid it back or worked extra or what. But right now my back is against the wall I have no work to do or anyone to borrow from. They are all going through their own crap.

I went and put in applications today at other jobs but that isn’t helping right now or even in the long run I don’t think. Because I start somewhere new it will be weeks to get a check so weeks with no money again. Where as of I just get this bill paid and stay here I will be okay because I have picked up more hours and will have a decent set hours and days by end of Summer that will work around school and things.

I just have to figure out where this money woll come from. I am so sick right now I can’t eat or anything. Spent most the day sitting in my truck crying trying to figure it all out. Calling and going to places to see if they will help or applying for jobs. Now I have to go home deal with my mother i am not in the mood to spend the rest of the day/night hearing how horrible i am what a screw up I am and a terrible parent and all that. But I guess that is what I will spend my day doing. While stressing over this stupid bill.

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