{June 12, 2018}   Trying Not To Get To Excited

Because nothing is set in stone, but my mom said something today about going to stay with her friend awhile and that her lawyer has her a court date again. I am hoping she will be out by the weekend. I am telling her she needs to go there and stay take her stuff with her. I am going to have her mail forwarded to her as well. Because I want her gone.

Oldest said she said something about moving over there. I don’t know wanting pictures of the place and said something about maybe having me take her by there or having her pick her up to see the place.

She started on me about the money I owe her. When I was going to get it. She owes me $200 more and for months she not paid now. I still need to get it filed asap. I need to get everyone paid off once and for all. I just don’t know I just get tired of dealing with her. I shut down do nothing. I just got to get her out of here.

I have not said anything to her about going over there. She just told me today. I don’t want to seem excited or she won’t go. I have to figure out get her that money. Just to get rid of her. I cant stand having her here.

She is mad she wants to buy a fridge, washer, drier and table for the kitchen. I told her no table no washer or drier. Because the only reason she wants to is because she wants to dictate when and how they are used. She don’t want dog blankets or whatever else washed or dried in them. Right now if it needs washed and fits it gets put in the washer and drier. If she buys them even though she says she is buying them for me or us the kids and us they will not be ours until she leaves. Until then it will be they are hers she paid for them so don’t wash this and that in them. She said before she buy a nice set if we didn’t. I told her no i have a washer drier at home so I do not have to go somewhere else and wash stuff. That I have enough to do without adding that to the list. She got pissed off. Guess she thought asking later I would forget and just say yes.

The table is the samething, i need chairs for mine we have two the others broke. She wants to toss the table and buy a different one. I do not want a table had gotten rid of mine she just had to have a table. I got this one i liked the guy behind me gave me when he moved. She dont want this that and the other sat on it. She gets mad. Well its a table thTs what it is for. She don’t like that it is glass top. The last 3 or 4 I have had are. I love them glass top with kids. So easy to clean and we can do anything on it wips it right off. Paint, draw, glue, playdogh, cook, anything it just comes right up. Don’t worry about stains and things like wood or other things. If she bought one it be wood it be don’t sit this or that on it don’t play at it don’t do arts or crafts on it blah blah. So I told her no i would get one or chairs to go with mine when I got money. It is not a big deal we can make due with what we have. But to hear her tell i am abusing my kids. Because we do not have a nice new washer and drier and we do not have a nice new table. None of we can afford right now. But that don’t matter i should just go get one anyway. Nope not going to happen. Then be shourt on other bills. No life dont work that way. But in her world it does. She should not pay me but buy me all this stuff. If we really need it and i can do without the money and can use it to get all this and it is for me and the kids, then why is she not saying here go find what yall like want? Instead its i found this table and this washer drier set. Why is she picking it out? Because its going to be hers until she moves. Then she going to tell everyone how we had nothing she had to rush in spend all her money to buy this stuff for me because i cant even take care of my kids. My washer things work. Just got them from a friend not long ago a year maybe. My table we only use for counter space or what. So we dont need chairs. When she leaves we are probably going to toss it make an office there.

I just want her gone for good once and for all. She yelled at me the other day had huge fit me and oldest left and left the boys here. She not slept all night and then couldn’t sleep all day because they were here and about having to babysit not to leave them like that again. Got mad I laughed at her. Like i told her I never asked her to babysit or assumed she was. I left them on their own to take care of theirselves. The same as I would of done and have done when she is not there. She could of left went to sleep taken a shower or anything. She didn’t because she didn’t want to. I take a nap with them here no one else here. I let the boys stay home alone why we go out. There is no set age to stay home alone here so if I wanted to I could leave my 7 year old alone. But i do not i leave him and the 12 year old together. They know not to answer the door or cook or leave the house and can call me. They know what houses to go to if they need help. She just crazy as hell and has issues.

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