I have failed with the journal part and not been the best at the prayer challenge. I think I got to day 4 on the journal and that is it. I should be about halfway through the 30.

I have been praying, not as in detail as I was and would like but I have still been praying. If my mother really moves in with her friemd like she was talking about doing the other day it will have worked. And if she gets her ssi. She said the lawyer has another hearing set up but she hasnt been going to the doctors or getting test. She had said something about going back down to her other friends house as well. But I know she will not stay there. I hope she goes to her friends she was talking about going to the other day. My oldest said she heard her telling her she had to think about it a few days or what. She started on me about the money I “owe” her again and things too. But then last night she was showing me how she got a bunch more money from school amd things. So hopefully she will get over that and just go. I don’t know where she thinks I owe her anyway she has not paid me for months and all she has to pay a month is $200. So if we figured that out it seems that she would be back to owing me again not me her when its $500 we are talking about. But I don’t care, I never expected I would get the money back when I gave it to her but it kept her out of my house for a while. I am just going to keep praying that she gets out in the next week or two. Me and the kids need our lives back to normal.

I have still been praying for Starfish and after this weekend I don’t know if things are really going that well or not. It don’t seem like it. It is sad because he was really doing good for a while there it seemed. I just pray whatever is going on is a miner set back or stumble and things will even back out this week for him as well.

My Bff things don’t seem to be as big of a mess but still not going great. But she is just avoiding it all staying busy. She been going to the water park and things and going to the mountains this week coming up. Her normal just avoid and whatever happens just happens let someone else take care of it. Play happy and keep going. I guess if it works for her….

Mr. To Broken seems to be about tje same. But he still feels that everything sits on finding someone to be with. Being upset that I still don’t want to be with him. That no one wants to be with him. I have all but said maybe it is you and not them. But I haven’t. I have told him if he don’t think any better of himself then no one else is going to amd that he has to be happy with himself in order for others to have a chance at being happy with him. But he just gets mad and don’t want to talk about it. Just keep praying for him is all I can do. He has to figure it out on his own and do it hisself.

We are all under our own free will.


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