I have to do pizza’s tonight. I am down to one night a week because I have picked up more hours at my other job. I could probably get rid of pizza’s all together and probably will next week if I pick up this extra day at my beach job. But right now it gives me cash in hand to pay things with.

Like tonight I need to make my paymemt to Bff’s mom so I can pay her without taking it out of my check for the week. I really do need something with extra money coming in besides just the beach job because I need to take care of my truck and some other bills. But pizza’s are not the answer at this point in the game. I am not making enough to make it worth it with all the extra wear on my truck and things. Last week I ran my ass off for two or three nights in and out in the rain, almost had an accident amd everything else. Something happens I am sunk I have no money to replace my truck.

She been working way more of us a night than when I started and I am not making money. I messaged her told her my truck is running bad I had not gotten it fixed and that I could not come in. She wasn’t happy but said okay. What can she expect, everytime my friend tries to fix it he is called to work for them. Then when he isn’t he is trying to get the other work he has out.

I need the money but it don’t work when it is costing me money. Or I am making next to nothing.


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