I have not had my medication in a week or more now. I am not sure if I told you but with my insurance being messed up I could not get it.

I went to pick it up and they said it was $68 so I left it. I called latter to see if I could jusg get a weeks worth and they said it was $5 something for 7. I went and got them but I am out and have been for a like I said a week or so. I was thinking about it I had $5 and something to get another weeks worth so figured I would.

I was thinking if a months worth is $67 or $68 how was only a weeks worth $5 something? In that case it would be cheapet for me to just buy it weekly. I called and started asking questions and how this was and ask again how much it was. They said I had this big amount of pills left on one script and another large amount on another they cpuld run it and see how much it wpuld be. I said wait, you are filling it for everything I have left there? They said yes. I said so how much if I just want 30 days worth? He ran it and said $20. I said oh I wish I knew that before I would of gotten them sooner. I thought the price they gave me was for a month. So they silled it for just 30 days amd said I can get it that way if I wanted too. I was supposed to get it yesterday and had to pay the lights so I am going to pick them up tomorrow.

But I was shocked they were going to give me a 6 month supply at one time. I don’t want to pick that many up at one time. My luck something would happen to them and I would be out of luck and have no meds.

But the last few days boy have I been moody. I don’t like feeling this way. I have been really sleepy as well. Just makes me more moody.


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