Guess I am going to walk up there and see what I can findout about my truck since I have still heard nothing about it. I am guessinng they aren’t going to mess with it. But they could just say that instead of letting the day waste and me wait. I could be looking to see what I can findout or trying to find someone to help me.

Its so freaken hot out and its probably two to three miles away. I don’t mind walking or walking that far, but when it is this hot out it kills me. I need something to drink so have to go out anyway. I want a shower but figure no use until I get back. By the time I get a block or two up the road you wont beable to tell I even had one. I just like to get one when I get up.

More worried about how to get this truck done or to and from everywhere I got to go if I can’t. Work is 25 minute drive each way. Hard to get rides out there. Very hard to get rides back the hours I get off and not knowing for sure what time I will get off. No one works with me at night so can’t ask them. Such a mess.



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