My truck is a mess, it is losing water but not sure where from or why. I can fill it drive it for days still have an okay amount. Fill it drive it and have none in a few hours. Today i filled it drove it about 50 miles. Stopped at the little store to grab a drink. Came out there was a puddle as wide as the truck and about a third of the was back. I tried to get it home it started over heating. Finally got it home filled it with water and flew to the shop. They see a spot or two leaking but not sure that is all or why the puddle and all. I was supposed to be at work so one of the guys took me and dropped me at work. I had no idea how i was going to get home just that I had to get there.

I never found a ride home until about 20 minutes before I got off. I still don’t know what is wrong with the truck or how i will get to work on Saturday or Sunday. I ask the one that was looking at it if they got tims to look at it what was wrong if bypassing the hose helped? He said i needed talk to boss. I ask him he said i need to talk to the other. Told him i ask him he said talk to him. He said he talk to him. I have heard nothing back. I don’t know what is going on with it. I guess I have to walk up there tomorrow to get a straight answer. I am so beyond done. I didn’t even ask if they could fix it or would just dumped it and left. He said if he did this or that it should work so i left it. I was in tears cried all the way to work. He kept saying its alright its not that bad we can get it fixed.

It’s not just the truck it’s everything.


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