While I was waiting on it to stop raining boss text and said that my truck was done. I had ask if the other guy said what was wrong with it why I was waiting since I had not heard. All he said was they were working on it they would let me know when it was done. Then in a bit said it was.

Once it stopped raining I walked up and picked it up. It was closer than I thought it was. According to google maps so it could be wrong. I know it was other places I went. But it is only about 1.8 miles from my house. I really thought it would be closer to 3. Not complaining for sure. I left my house at 2:40 and got there at 3:15.

Boss wasn’t there the other two guys were. I ask what they did to it the one didn’t really say anything. The other that said they needed tl bypass the heatercore said didn’t want to answer either when he got back in there. He said the hearter core and bypassing it. I said but would that cause it to do what it was doing? And such a puddle all at once? He just said it’s fixed don’t worry about it. I said so how much was it to do that or what? He said did boss tell you a price? I said no. he said then just take it don’t worry about it. Later boss text me and said no charge for what they did. I told him thank you. So I don’t know if that is all it really was or if they got parts and put on it. I know before I left it for them to put breaks on and starfish told me later that they had ordered the others I had not gotten and put them on too. I had bought front I guess it needed back as well and boss just got them and had him put them on. I was short on money then too. I’m not going say anything whatever they done I am very thankful for because my truck is my life line.



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