I got into it yesterday with my sister over my mother. I told her I am done helping her and putting up with her and being done this way by her. I told her I will have nothing to do with her no contact at all once this is done and she is out of my house. I told her that I would not take care of her in no way shape or form if she needs it or when she needs it. I told her I refuse to move away with her or help her move to where ever I go because I was not getting stuck taking care of her. I told her she would have to be dropped at a home if none of them stepped up to do it.

I also told her they don’t want her now won’t help her and in a much better spot than me to do it. That she keeps threatening to call people on me and shit. That when she calls and starts or tries to start trouble for me, that I would start some for her and when I did it was going to start a lot for others too but that was fine with me because none of them want go step up do anything. She started about not being able to have her there and how she is and everything else. I said oh well you just don’t want her there you could have her there. She got all mad and nasty why is it everyone elses fault how she has helped her many times and she has not. I was there to pick her up told her I had to go. I have not heard from her since. I do not care if I have contact with any of them anymore ever. I feel bad for the kids mine and hers love to see eachother and play together. But they hardly do. But I am not going to be done this way. She has a husband and things there helping she is home 24/7 with her kids amd she dont pull the shit she does here there. I am doing it on my own have to leave the kids here with her and put up with her shit starting on them and dealing with her 24/7.

Trying to bark orders and take over. I am just done. Like I told her if she ends up on the street I would not care. She says just tell her to get out and make her go. But she will not go she dont told me to take her to court. Like I told her as soon as I can I am going to file against her and once I do someone is going to have to help her because here you can not get a place if you have been filed against in court. It would not kill them to let her come there and stay for a month or two until her court date. There she helps cook and clean, does things with the kids and everything. Here she raises hell and does everything she can to make things harder.

I think she hates it that I am keeping it together and keeping a place. I know she can’t stand it that I did not lose my place and she did. She thought if I did I would come there she could keep hers too. I would not have went there even if I lost my place. So she still would of lost it. I think she can’t stand it that I am doing it and as far as moving around we don’t I am stable right now. I been here 5 years and on my own 4 of those. Growing up she moved at least every year sometimes twice a year because she wasn’t able to keep a place or what doing it on her own or even when she was with someone. She is one of those that can not stand to see anyone do something and not struggle. She had help from my grandparents and things. She would not dream of helping me with watching the kids or anything. Because it would help us do better and get ahead. She rather see you fail tell you how horrible of a job your doing amd what a bad parent you are and how bad of a life the kids have.

She won’t mess with my sister because she is scared they will take off and leave and she won’t call anyone on them because she knows that if she did she would be in trouble too and more of a chance they would leave. Her husband isn’t from here and she is scared he would go home and take them with him what would happen to the kids and how they would live. Either of them drive or have a license. My mom will not drive anymore and is legally blind now and do not know if they can fix it with glasses or not. Someone said something about my sister and her kids walking everywhere. She said she won’t go get her license if sje would I would give them my truck so they had a way to get places. Knowing how bad mine is, that I have no money to fix it and have no one to take me anywhere kids to school or to get to work to keep my job. She home schools, he works 3 blocks or less from home and they live blocks from the store. I do not want her truck at all it needs some work but is good for now. But if she gave it to me i would owe her my life from now on. It is sitting here in my yard right now I can’t even drive it to go to work or the store to get food. Because I am not on the insurance she excluded me from it. If I drive it and anything broke no matter how big or small I would be expected to fix it. Even if I had nothing to do with it breaking and it would of broken no matter who was driving. But it just the fact that she is with me and does all she does and they do nothing for her amd she knows how bad my truck is she would say she give it to them. But then bitch at me because all my truck needs and my bills are not paid up to $0 and I have to work x jobs to even almost float.

Its going to come to a head and it is going to get ugly for everyone.

Great I was going to walk up get a drink and walk to the shop but was waiting so it would be after lunch when I got there. Now it is pouring and thunder and lightning. I hope that it stops really soon. I need to go get my truck so I can drive it however I have to. If O have to pour water into it every few miles or what. I have to beable to get around.


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