Mr. To Broken posted on fb a picture of roses on a table and everything. He was out to dinner for a date. She hadn’t gotten there just yet. Everyone was commenting and I was getting ready to say remember fake it til you make it, but before I could a comment caught my eye. I read it and a few more and it and others were all telling hi. Just fake it til you make it and things. I guess I am not the only one telling him he needs to work on things.

The date did not last long, I could tell because he was online again in no time. Then he called me, oh boy he was mad. Mad is probably an understatement.

He tells me she got there and she was nothing like what he was expecting. He had told me she was a little big but not much and she looked good in her pictures and things. He said he was sitting there she walked up and was 3 times the size she was in the pictures. He is extremely angry and upset by it.

I laughed a little he got madder. Said it was not funny. It isn’t but it is. It is horrible but just to hear him talking about it. What do you expect from dating sites. He should of ask for a recent picture or something.

That was Friday, Monday he called all upset wanting to talk. He foundout a good friend he liked but wouldn’t talk to is with some guy he didin’t like he was bent out of shape about that. I said did you tell her? No, he says. I said then you can’t be mad she didn’t pick you. Get over it. If she has no clue your interested then you can’t be mad she talking to someone else. Didn’t like that either but butter cup guess what truth hurts and if you don’t want to hear it don’t talk to me. He knows we have talked about it. Later he always comes back says your right blah, blah.

That night he tried to call i was busy. He messaged me said he had a date Wednesdays with a girl he has liked since they were kids. I don’t really know how this is going to turn out. If they are as close as he says she should know how he is so maybe he has a chance. If not and she see’s it will probably end really bad. Not for her but the shape he will be in. That will not be cool.



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