{June 27, 2018}   Fighting with My Mother

Monday night we had a huge fight, to the point the police were almost called. I am not even sure how or what it started over. She started her shit about something. Then started about calling this place and that place to come out here and the place to come get the dogs. Had my kids all upset and scared they were going to take them away from me or they were going to lose their dogs.

She went to her room and just kept on and on and on. Yelling through the house and about money and everything. I finally had enough and told her how it was. I told her I would never help her again, have contact with her or anything else after this. That she needed to get out of here that even the kids did not want her here and ask all the time when she was leaving. Of course it was all lies she says. They just love her.

I also told her to go ahead and call anyone and everyone that she wanted to call I did not care but when she did I would be calling on her as well. Start shit for her. Your fucking stupid she said I don’t have any kids for you to call on me for. I said well I will be calling someone finding out why everything happen with my younger sister that did amd why she did nothing at all about it? How things are now. She swears she didn’t none of it happen she didn’t let it keep going on and right in her own house. Telling me I was lying. I said no I am not everyone knows it. Then she ran back in her room and started yelling at me to shut up like a little kid. And spelling it and crap like she was 5. I said no you had your say and who your going to call and why, now I am telling you when you call and try to start trouble for me that is going to go no where. I will call and start some for you that will go somewhere. Shut up shut up leave me alone, I’m going to call the police on you. I said that is fine call them too I don’t care one bit. I am in my house done nothing wrong.

Then she come stomping out telling me how I was and why my husband left me. I laughed so hard. I said he left me that is why he cried over and over begging me to take him back and not to leave in the first place. How i was fucking my “friend” and my good friend and what I was and how nasty. I said no I wasn’t and haven’t. She saying i went out party all time not stay home when me and him were together not true at all. I said yeah look where its coming from the one picking up women on craigslist and everything else. No it isn’t it came right from your friends. I said yeah I can promise you they aren’t talking to you. Any that have met you one time knows how you are talk about it. That isn’t true she freaked out more. I said whatever go to your whole and knock your shit off.

I said that is why if you weren’t here you would be homeless. Becaause the other two don’t want you or any thing to do with you. They won’t let you come there. The few days you were you showed your ass and had something to say about it there it wasn’t good enough for you everywhere you go. Nothing is ever good enough.

She was at my sisters there was something wrong she couldnt eat cook or do anytjing there. It wasn’t clean enough. Her froemds it wasn’t clean enough there was a problem there. She was at my aunts and my grandma’s a night or two and came home telling me how dirty it was and nasty. How she was. When she was able to go see my brother she talk about how dirty their house was and how they live. I told her no where was ever going to be clean enough for her unless it was her own little bubble that no one ever walked into. Thats not true she about lost her mind.

I don’t know what finally made her shut up go on. Then a few minutes later it was as if nothing ever happened she never said any of it or anything else. Nothing has been said since. She needs mental help. She has problems. She is trying to get social security and every doctor she has been to has noted her mental state even if she was there for something that had nothing to do with that.

I also told her to move where ever she was going to move when she got her money because I was not going with her. I was not moving close to her. When i got ready i was going to move where me and the kids wanted to go. That I will not help her get where we are that I would not be helping her or taking care of her if or when she couldn’t do it herself i was not getting stuck with her and having to do it. She better hope one of these other two will. Oh I was horrible for that I should be ashamed of myself and what I was teaching me kids.

I said nope teaching them not to be treated like you treat people and then turn around and do everything for them .

It went on for a while. Finally she shut up went on. That is the night i talked to my “friend” for 5 hours. He messaged me right after we stopped fighting. I started talking to him I just felt such a calm come over me. It was just so nice to have someone to talk to who cared. Who really cared tried to help or what. I felt better than I have on a long time. Not because of what he said about getting together or anything like that. I felt it long before that.

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