{June 29, 2018}   Lunch With The Owner

I do not know how this is going to go, I am waiting on the girl from work to pick me up so we can meet the owner and his wife for lunch.

This is not something I was supposed to be apart of. This was a business kind of thing between the two of them and a clear the air for some things she wanted to talk to him about.

Since my truck broke down and I am going in on my day off she is picking me up for work. She just called about an hour ago and said your going too get ready I will be there in a bit. She told him she is picking me up and that boss wanted us in early today because we have close to 40 people coming all at once today. He told her to bring me too.

I’m like great just what I wanted to do with my day off. I really do not mind I just do not want a lot of shit coming up and going down that could cause problems with my job. It isn’t much but it is better than nothing. And I can get a job to work around it. I can not afford to lose it right now.

But if I am asked about things I am not going to lie or cover it up either. The manager likes to get rid of people he feels is getting to close with the owner. Because he don’t want anyone to know what is going on. He puts hisself on for x hours taking hours we could be getting and need and then goes home. Why we are there working our butts off doing his job and ours and he won’t answer the phone. He sitting at home getting paid. Then we are doing two people’s job’s. There are other things too.

Okay, so this didn’t post earlier like it was supposed to. So I will tell you what happen here.

We were the first ones there, we got inside they had not shown up yet. We were seated given drinks. They showed up a little later.

He sat down and ask what our wants, needs, and things were. The other girl showed him her stickers she made and they talked about that. It came back around to work. And a lot of stuff came up and out. He told us never to feel that we can not come to him or talk to him or his wife about anything that we have a problem with or question about. He said there was miss understanding where that came into play. And taken to far. He said the girl just got fired had it as did everyone and she was calling him for everything and nothing other than just to chit chat. He told the manager she needed to stop and not be coming to him because they ran out of towels in the bathroom what should she do? When we have 100 packs in the closet and she knows because she been there a year. It was nothing more than just to talk to him. She liked him. She 20 he probably 40 something and married. He told him that stuff needed to go to manager if she really needed to know what to do that is what he was there for. Boss took it upon himself to say no one could have owners number.

Owner got mad about something walked outside or something. Not at us stuff going on. His wife was talking to us she said we just need to know and want to know from yall what is going on if things are wrong or there are problems. We aren’t going to throw you under the bus or anything like that. I said I have no problem telling you at all. But I can’t have my job on the line I have 4 kids on my own and I have lost two of my three jobs right now this is all i have left. She said no you do not have to worry about that at all.

Her husband came back and we talked some more. I said you know he says i don’t blow up his phone he never hears from me unless something is wrong but then when it is I have to call 3 or 4 times and he don’t answer. I said fier alarm went off had pull people out of rooms make them go outside. I call 3x he answers the 3 time says figured it must really be important I should probably answer.

I said the day we we booked out and sold every room but 2 and everything was a mess I was by myself for hours. I said owner you been there called 7 or 8 times no answer. Other girl called 2 or 3 none. You left we were starting to get busy. You called got put on hold wanted to know why with two there. I told you it was only me. I said my paper said I had no back up until after 3 as far as I knew I had no one. I said any other job I had all that has happen it was on you sucked it up buttercup and got the job done. Hoped back up at least came after 3.

I thought of something, i said and he told me he told you he yelled at me and got onto me for it, because I should of known to call or what. I said I had people waiting for their rooms, i was reseting, briefing, running to give clues while trying to reset, check people in answer the phones everything i was it doing a 100% everything. He had not answered any of your two phone calls he was not going to magically answer mine. And where did i have time in the middle of all that to sit and call him over and over hoping he would answer for me? His wife said your right, your right yes its just up to you get the job done other places all that already happen its what you were doing. I said but it made me mad he tells me he told you he “yelled” at me for it and took care of the “problemb”. I said he has made that comment a few times and it isn’t right. I said so it makes it look like we just don’t know what we are doing, don’t listen, or just messing up/don’t care it is our fault. When he is the boss he is who i should of been calling but he was not answering. I said so I am over here thinking how many times is he going to say this to cover for his mess up before you go if they are messing up that much get rid of them. I said i know i would its only normal. But you don’t really know what is going on.

He said no don’t worry about that. That won’t happen. I said we don’t know you, you don’t know us we are new you have no reason to think any different than what he says. He said no you two are hard workers your doing good your making me money and keeping my place going. He said with the wedding and other project we have not been around like we need to be. We are going to start being there more. But your work and everything you two do day to day and things are known and greatly appreciated and not forgotten. In other words he is noting who is doing what. He thank me for working fathers day with my grandpa in the hospital. Soon as he sat down today he ask how he was if he was okay everything before we got started. I think he does really care wants to know and will fix problems.

The other girl told them how he talks about him and his girlfriend having sex all the time and stuff. His wife was not happy about that and said a stop needs put to that right away. The other girl ask them too if I was gone come the end of July? And told them how I keep being told i am going to be fired. That once they become more involved there won’t be hours for us I am going to be fired and things. They were shocked said no. I don’t know.

I said I have a question. When booking rooms do we double or tripple book rooms? He ask what I meant. I said so the rooms hold 10 a private experince i was told is 8 or more. But then we are told if the room is already booked not to put anyone else in there. Or we have to talk to both parties and okay it. So if there are 2 people everyone else is told that room is not open at that time. He was livid. He said no we do not do that if it holds 10 sell 10 tickets if you can. It don’t matter if they all know each other.

We told him the other day we had to give away 5 free tickets because one girl messed the bookings all up. Then we had give away 5 t shirts because boss said they got double booked so since they wanted to be alone and had to come back give shirts. He was so mad.

Something was said about discounts he said we have first responders and active military only. Nothing else no retired nothing. He started with all this discount this that. He said this is all we have. I said what about free t shirt for the birthday person when there is a birthday? He said what? Other girl said yeah we give them away all the time. He is really not happy. He said we are going to be there more offten a lot more. Snoop around see what is going on. We can’t say anything right now or he will know we talk to yall.

So I don’t know, what is going to happen or how all this is going to go down. I guess we will see.



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