{June 30, 2018}   There May Be Hope Still

I seen a Expedtion sitting on the lot that Starfishes boss owns today. I messaged him and ask him about it. Tonight he messaged me back and said he would findout about it and let me know. He said honestly it is a really good strong running truck with cold a/c. He said he had been trying to get him to give him a down payment price so he could but it. I guess he messaged his boss asked him he told him $4000 cash. He asked if I wanted to sell mine or what. I told him yes I thought so. He said send him pictures. He ask what I wanted. I told him i did not know what a fair price would be. I knew it needed x amount of parts. I said you know my truck as good as me what do you think? He said I don’t know. I told him the other was to much way more than I wanted to spend. He said he make a deal give me something for my truck. I told him no because I did not want to have that much tied up in that truck. For that I could have one like I have in better shape. He said but he will make a deal with you on yours too. I said no i dont want to do that. He said you still want to sell yours? I said if the price is right. Few minutes he came back and said he said unseen nust with pictures knowing what he told him he said $1500. I said no way I may as well keep it and fix it for that.

He said I can go ask the guy at the other lot for you. He said honestly you could probably still get about $5000 out of it. I said yeah i know these lots will get a good amount out of it even with the work it needs put into it. He said yeah he said he is going to call Rob tomorrow. He was the one talking about giving me $7000 for it before then I didn’t do it. He is close with them I think they are better to deal with than where he is now. He knows. He knows I know prices and cost and things too. But he was just beinng the messenger. Why when I said no he said i can ask over here. He said he wish he had the money buy it and put the work into it. I work something out with him if I did not need money so badly.

He said the other guy who he is going to talk to tomorrow has a Ford Ranger too. But he wants way to much for his trucks and cars. I am going to just tell him if you want to buy okay lets do it. Then if I decide to buy I will do that in a different transaction. Not doing it all together or as a trade in. Get ripped off really badly that way. If he gives me that much I will take the money pay my mom off and buy another truck like I have.

I hope he finds something out tomorrow one way or another. I was a little surprised he ask about wanting to sell it and trying to help me. I think like me he thought the guy would offer more. I think that is one reason he didn’t want to say a price me ask for that and then findout the guy would of gave more. But we know what was offered over here when it didn’t need work. So $5000 is still good to ask or expect because he still have less than $7000 once he puts the work into it. So he will make money i will we can all be happy.

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