It is 5:15am, I did not get home from work until midnight. Then had to put water in the truck and go get animal food because my kid waited until then to tell me we were out they not eaten in a day and a half. 👿 I did not end up in bed until after 1 by time I done all that and talk to the kids a little bit.

I went to sleep and my mother woke me up right away. I was not happy but finally fell asleep. I guess I slept a little maybe 45 minutes an hour. I was just starting to sleep good when I got a text. Instant wide awake and mad. I thought it was my mom wanting something she has bothered me all night at work and since I got home. I grab my phone and look at it, it’s Starfish.

He said he just got my text and was asking if I was okay? I am not sure why he ask if I was okay, because I just sent a message around 9 all it said was hey. But I told him yes I was okay. He said he seen me in my truck earlier today. I told him I had to get stuff for the kids at the store. I put water in ran to the store, came home and parked it. A mile walk and 2 busses later was at work. He said oh and ask why I was still up then?

I wanted to say because someone text me at 330am asking if I was okay. Jokingly. But I didn’t, I didn’t want him to take it the wrong way through text. I just said I couldn’t sleep. I really can’t now anyway so true kinda.

He said he been out he worked ten hour days in the rain all week and 12 today. We talked about 45 minutes he stop responding. I figure he fell a sleep. If he hadn’t he would be responding and telling me to go to bed. He knows I have to be at work at 12.

I know he had not been on much this week at all. He will show off line 15/20 hours straight. Few times we talked just for a minute he tell me he was eating it be late. They don’t eat late. Or he be gone and just be on a minute say he was going to bed. I ask how he was or if things were okay he not respond or just say yeah. I was starting to wonder if they were or not. But if he has been working like that he probably is just work eat sleep repeat. At least he is off tomorrow.

He said he went out I told him he better be staying out of trouble. He must of forgot his phone at home today why he had just got my message.


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