Today I ended up riding the bus to work. A little over a mile walk and 2 busses later I was there. The first leg of my walk started when I had to walk to the bus stop from my house. It said the stop was on the NW corner. It wasn’t, it was about 4 to 6 blocks up the street from the corner.

There I sat in a three sided metal framed and glass box on a metal bench when the lightening and thunder started. Lucky for me the bus came before the rain. I took that bus over to the “bad” area of town to the station and was dropped off to stand under a metal awning to wait for my 2nd of 3 busses. In the worse of the storm. I think they should really rethink what they make these “shelters” out of. But maybe that’s just me. The number 4 finally came and picked us up to take us from mainland to the beach. We get across the island and head to the beach and I walk up and stand by the driver to ask questions to plan the last jont of my trip. He ask where I was going and said the number 9 would take me there. Just wait where he was going to drop me. I asked how long before it got there? He said probably about 12 minutes. He gave me the transfer pass to get on it so I didn’t have to pay. But I didn’t anyway because I had my college id, I can ride for free. I got off the bus and thought about it for a minute. I wasn’t that far from work, the next bus was 12 minutes out. I decided I could walk to work in that time. So off walking I went. I never seen the bus at all on my walk there. It ended up taking me about 14 minutes to walk it. I figured if I seen it I could always stop it and get on if it seem to be taking to long or further away than I thought. But I was probably just getting to the stop when I got to work.

I looked it up and it lets me out 0.9 miles from work. I walk 2 miles in 40 minutes or less so that was nothing. What i walked from home to the number 6 stop to start my trip was probably quarter mile or so.

I told them, if the bus ran late enough I would take it instead of driving. It wouldn’t cost me anything to go to and from work anymore. Since I ride for free. I could use the walk as well. Only other bad part would be being dropped at the station in that area so late at night all that time alone.

It wasn’t a bad trip at all not that many people on there. But it is a Saturday. Not sure what it would be like on a weekday.


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