I have still not heard anything about my truck. I gave him the vin number last night was hoping to hear back by now. This guy is slow too. I hate it, he takes his time getting back to you. I told Starfish I need to get this done as soon as I can. I told him I am about to lose my job and everything because of it.

I don’t want to bother Starfish more I know he is really busy working and can’t just drop everything to help me. I know if the guy contacted him for anything he would answer and let me know if he needed anything. But he can’t just stay on top of him to try to get him to take care of things any faster.

Why do guys have to be so stubborn and pigheaded? Why won’t he just deal with me? Cut friend out of the picture and him not have the bother of being the go between. But when I called and tried before he wanted to act shady and like he had no idea who i was or what we talked about. But then ask how Starfish was doing. Then he don’t remember me and crap who I am he was after Starfish to see if I still wanted to rent my back room out. He had my number, he could of called or messaged me. But again have him be the go between. He hardly talked to me about it when I was there sitting in the truck but one time.

Hell maybe I make him nervous or scare him too. I know to much for him to deal with me, because I don’t walk in stupid knowing nothing about cars or their value and he has to come of of some real numbers not low ball me hoping I think its a great deal and take it. If I don’t he can add a few $100 still have a low ball offer and get it for nothing. He knows he has to start with a decent offer and I already told him not to waste my time with low ball numbers. I have to get enough to replace it with same kind of truck or I won’t sell. That isn’t cheap.

I was just hoping to be done with it by today and have money in my hand. Guess we will see it is straight up noon so still a full day and he works late most nights.




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