Sleeping Beauty just called me and said the guy wants to come look at my truck tomorrow. He said we needed to set up a time when he got off work to come look at it. I told him I had to work. He said leave the keys here and they would come look at it. I told him okay. I wish we could do it today so I could be here but the guy is off today. I told Sleeping Beauty I was off Wednesday morning if he wanted it and wanted to do something. He said okay. I told him I had one I wanted to go look at too I thought I may get if it was decent. Hoping maybe he tells the guy he gets on the ball.

I have to get it cleaned out today. The kids have tons of stuff in it. Make it look decent. I swear I get something else they are not putting nothing in it ever, toys, drinks, food, nothing at all. They trash it then I have to nag them to clean it or drive it looking a mess. Not happening this time. If they bring something and leave it trash it will go.

Just pray he offers a fair amount. I don’t think he would bring him if he wasn’t or he didn’t think he would. He seem to think he would when he said he would talk to him he knows I won’t take no low ball amount. I have not said what the lowest I would go either.

If I am selling something unless I know it is in top notch running good shape I won’t put a price on it. I tell the person interests in it to make me an offer. If its lower than I want I say I can’t let it go for that. Let the? Make another offer. Or tell them the high end of what I want and meet in the middle or at the least i will take.

If I am buying something I tell them I am looking for this in this price range out the door. If its a private seller I know the price I have an idea of how close to that price I am willing to pay before I get there. Then once I test drive and check it out that price may go down. I just tell them this is what I have they can take it or leave it.

Everything is pretty much riding on this truck selling in order for me to beable to have something to drive again. I am pretty sure he will buy it. If there is any problem it will be price. I think that is the only problem we will run into. But I am sure we can work that out unless he just tries to be an ass and rip me off like the other guy. But he didn’t before so I don’t think he will.


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